Most people are not aware that when the budget from the federal government is made public, what they are seeing is the [simplified budget]; otherwise known as the [cash] budget.  There are actually two budgets prepared: 


  • The simplified budget is a trimmed up version of the budget using only selected sources of income, and selected liabilities and is presented publicly, giving a false picture of the financial state of our country. 

Using the simplified budget causes a massive disparity in the actual representation of income into the treasury and conversely, a gross misrepresentation of liabilities.  The result is a skewed picture of the income vs. debt and expenditures and should never be used as the example for the actual state of affairs.  It is presented to the public with the intent of manipulating public opinion and creating false financial pictures.


The [unified budget] includes all income from all sources, and all debts of any kind, including:


  • the hidden costs of interest payments to the federal reserve,

(Absolutely every dime paid in individual taxes annually, goes to pay the service debt to the Federal Reserve, and cannot pay it in full)

  • the costs of the wars,
  • the service debt on all the money borrowed from other countries and private industries such as mega insurance companies.
  • Monies lost or disappeared through the use of undocumented entries into the books of various agencies, costing the country trillions each year.

[11 out of 15 federal agencies cannot balance their books without using unsupported documentation entries…meaning stuff they made up for which there is no evidence]


  • The cost of illegal alien residents paid by the federal government.
  • The cost of the FBI, CIA, and eleven other spy agencies for daily operations, surveillance of the population,
  • Special operations by the military which may violate international laws and treaties.

        (No one…is allowed to know how much money Black Ops gets, or what is done with it, except for a  few high level officials)

  • The cost of past military operations we are still paying for.
  • The two trillion + taken from Social Security and replaced with I.O.U.’s that are absolutely worthless but now listed as an [unfunded liability].

The unified budget also includes the expenses related to the day to day operation of the federal government including the bloated White House staff which is costing us millions each year. [1]   We are also paying for a fleet of private jets, maintenance and crews to fly the royalty in Washington DC around the country.  We are paying for limo service, personal services of all kinds, and overstaffing of personnel whose only function is to wait hand and foot on the politicians.


The unified budget includes all the surpluses from Social Security and any other program or agency which has operated efficiently enough to generate a surplus.  Also, unused authorized funds, taxes, fines, fees, sales of military equipment to countries said to be our enemies.


When presented with the [simplified budget] it appears as though social programs are eating away nearly 30% of the annual budget.  This slight of hand presentation is intentional.  It helps keep the socialism/communism fires stoked, and provides those who subscribe to this fear mongering with what they believe is a valid argument.


The site listed below has the actual chart prepared by the Congressional Budget Office for 2008 using the simplified cash budget, then goes on to show the true cost of all sectors of spending by the Federal government.

Going here, you’ll note in the chart Medicaid is lumped in with Medicare, inflating the actual costs of Medicare drastically.  [Other mandatory] is not explained, so we have no idea what that really is but likely includes totally non-related expenditures that needed to be attached somewhere. [2]

Total Outlays (Federal Funds): $2,650 billion
MILITARY: 54% and $1,449 billion
NON-MILITARY: 46% and $1,210 billion

The fact is, the true unfunded liability is our federal government.  Another fact is, we cannot possibly produce enough taxable income to provide the funds necessary to even make a small dent in the snowballing debt generated by an out of control government. 

Government as we now know it is a huge and growing liability, financially a burden to all of us.  Money is spent that we don’t have and in amounts so vast and incomprehensible to the ordinary person, it numbs the mind. 

The week before the theft of taxpayer’s funds to bailout the elite and corrupt, congress approved another 600 billion in funding for the wars.  600 billion?  For wars we didn’t need to fight?  Then added what will amount to at least 2 trillion over the next five years to bailout Wall Street.  This in addition to an already admitted 10 trillion + in debt, although many claim it is most likely more than 70 trillion in actual debt. 

To top it off, earlier this year congress voted itself another raise.  This while more than 1.4 million of us lost our homes, our jobs, our health care; everything we had.  This while another 460,000 lost their jobs just in September alone. 

The only true unfunded liability we face is the federal government. 

© 2008 Marti Oakley

[1]  The total cost for a year of all of this “help” is $34,839,864.78


[2]  Total Outlays (Federal Funds): $2,650 billion