U.S. Army being deployed in the states

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U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.  Using the bible to coerce submission, clergy are involved in a program to persuade congregations to submit.

Army and Marines doing practice runs in patrolling US citites.

Patriot Act ssection 802 states that any offense, even a misdemeanor can be classified as terrorism……..

Homegrown Terrorism and radicalization Act makes dissent against government policies and actions a crime.



Watch this before YouTube takes it down.



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Economists’ Open Letter Calls For Active Response to Economic Crisis

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October 8, 2008


Ottawa: Today, 85 economists released an Open Letter criticizing the federal government for its inaction in light of the deepening global financial crisis, the growing probability of a worldwide recession, and structural weaknesses in the Canadian economy. The letter challenges government claims that Canada¹s ³fundamentals² are strong, and highlights the significant deterioration in Canada¹s economic performance over the last two years. Despite recent government statements, there remains a wide disconnect between the appropriate policy response to the looming downturn, and the ³stay-the-course² approach still being enunciated by the Prime Minister.



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What a full blown financial collapse looks like… Brasscheck TV/video

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Out of control foreign debt..enriched bankers and big business…made it easy to loot the country…and turned a rich country into a poor, one wiping out its middle class in the process.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what a full blown financial collapse looks like.

This may explain why Bush has ordered an active unit of combat troops to be stationed inside the US to serve as an “‘on call’ federal response in times of emergency,” specifically for use in case of “civil unrest” and for “crowd control.”

This is a first in American history.

The unit chosen for this task is the Army’s Third Infantry Division’s First Brigade Combat Team which has spent thirty-five of the last sixty months in Iraq.

They’re here now and training for “domestic operations.”



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