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Tucson Arizona

October 06, 2008




For more than two years Roy Warden, aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner,” has stood directly in the line of fire and worked tirelessly to investigate, expose and hold accountable Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia and the other Pima County Officials who are most responsible for keeping the border open and keeping the flood of Mexican Illegals coming.


That’s right: The Illegal Mexican Aliens who are committing crimes in your neighborhood probably came through Pima County Arizona with the blessings and assistance of Pima County politicians.


For more than two years Roy Warden has been working to protect America. Now Warden urgently needs your help!


“Even though my rallies were lawful, they arrested me 11 times, prosecuted me four times and now I await my fifth trial—all because I stood on the public square and denounced Isabel Garcia and Pima County Open Border Policy,” says Warden.


“For the last month my ISP account has been shut down due to non payment. The local press has ruined my professional reputation as a Certified Legal Document Preparer. Now my family faces foreclosure on our home.


“I urgently need donations or employment NOW. Please click on the hotlink at the end of this paragraph, read the lead story on my website, and find out what’s going on in Tucson Arizona, the Gateway to America.


“When the truth comes out, the public will learn the Arizona Bar Association, the federal courts, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are working hand in hand to protect Isabel Garcia.”


Please Note my New Email Address: roywarden@earthlink.net


Thank you for your help!


Roy Warden

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