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D o w n s i z e r – D i s p a t c h

Quote of the Day:
“Congress seems to want to cure every ill known to man except unconstitutional government and high taxes.” – Charley Reese

Subject: Downsizers vs. Upsizers

The media tells us that the Presidential campaign is bitter and nasty. They tell us the partisanship in Congress is poisonous.

But the real poison is that Washington isn’t partisan enough. If it actually was partisan, our work at DownsizeDC.org would be a whole lot easier.

To illustrate, here are the roll call votes for eleven pieces of legislation that have defined the Bush Era of big, unlimited, unchecked government, the “Upsize DC Agenda:”

107th CONGRESS (2001-02)

* P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act

* No Child Left Behind

* creating the Dept. of Homeland Security

* Iraq War authorization

* Sarbanes-Oxley

* Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform (McCain-Feingold)

 108th CONGRESS (2003-04)

* Medicare Drug Benefit

109th CONGRESS (2005-06)

* P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act II

* Military Commissions Act

110th CONGRESS (2007-08)

* FISA Amendments Act

* Big Bailout

35 Democratic Senators have served throughout all four terms. Of the 35,

* Just one, Russ Feingold, voted against the Republican President as many as nine times
* Only four others voted against the President as many as six times: Akaka, Byrd, Leahy, Levin
* 21 – 60% – voted against the President three or fewer times, including Majority Leader Reid, Majority Whip Durbin, Vice Presidential nominee Biden, Presidential candidates Clinton and Dodd, John Kerry, and the iconic “liberal” Ted Kennedy.

Among others who did not serve all four terms,

* Former Majority Leader Tom Daschle voted against the President once in seven opportunities.
* As did presidential candidate John Edwards.
* Barack Obama voted against the President just once in four opportunities.

Does this look like an “opposition” party to you?

Had the Democrats been more “partisan” and rejected bills that went against their supposed liberal and progressive principles, they would have filibustered and defeated at least seven of the measures. No Iraq War. No Patriot Act. No Bailout. If they had their way, perhaps only Campaign Finance Reform, Sarbanes-Oxley, and No Child Left Behind would have passed.

But if Republicans held to their conservative principles of smaller government, they would have defied their President and defeated these bills as well.

Had either party behaved according to their supposed principles, they would in many ways do Downsize DC’s work for us. They would defeat the other’s attempt to “upsize” government power.

But because they are all DC Upsizers, they often work together in “bi-partsian” fashion to take away our liberty and waste our money.

And they are relentless, which means we must be even more relentless.

In one week, Sept 22-26, the Senate passed an astonishing 73 bills totaling 1,031 pages. The House went far beyond that, passing 113 bills and 1,744 pages. (The list of bills is featured in the blog version of this Dispatch, below my signature.)

Some of the bills seem to be technical, housekeeping measures. A large number, however, continue the work of Upsizing DC. No doubt, many terrible specifics in the bills will come to our attention after the fact, leading us to wish we could have done something to stop them sooner.

But we can’t stop every bad bill, one-by-one. There are too many. We must instead strike at the root.

The Read the Bills Act strikes at the root. The Read the Bills Act forces Congress to pay the price of Big Government. Under the RTBA, every bill must be read before a quorum in Congress. If Congress wants Big Government, Congress will have to stay in session more hours per day, more days of the year.

It’s only fair. If the people have to pay for the programs and obey the laws contained in a bill, the least their representatives can do is explain what was in the bill. They shouldn’t be excused by saying “I didn’t have time to read the bill but was pressured by the President and party leaders to support it.”

The Read the Bills Act forces them to either make the time to read the bills, or to pass fewer bills.

Congress won’t pass the RTBA, unless it faces growing, relentless, overwhelming pressure to pass it.

And so we ask you to:

* Tell Congress to pass the Read the Bills Act, stating your objection to the massive number of bills it passed in the last few weeks.
* Get a Digg account, and then go to our blog and Digg this message.
* Spread this message by forwarding to friends and posting it on your blog.
* Add your blog or website to the Read the Bills Act Coalition by contacting us at


You can go directly to DownsizeDC by clicking our handy banner ad.

We welcome the newest additions to the Read the Bills Act Coalition.

Congressman intimidated into voting yes on bailout..BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Tuesday we reported that individual Congressmen were intimidated into voting “Yes” on the $700 billion Wall Street rip off.

(There are a lot of *other* things in that bill that are much worse than the money being stolen…

more on that later.)

Yesterday, Wednesday, we heard from a man whose career was based on arranging for massive loans to governments and institutions that couldn’t possibly pay them back in order to gain control over them.

He described his role as government-sponsored and corporate-employed economic “hitman.”

Today we hear from the former governor of Minnesota about how the CIA has its own permanent office in the governor’s office.






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CS II Press

Tucson Arizona

October 06, 2008




For more than two years Roy Warden, aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner,” has stood directly in the line of fire and worked tirelessly to investigate, expose and hold accountable Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia and the other Pima County Officials who are most responsible for keeping the border open and keeping the flood of Mexican Illegals coming.


That’s right: The Illegal Mexican Aliens who are committing crimes in your neighborhood probably came through Pima County Arizona with the blessings and assistance of Pima County politicians.


For more than two years Roy Warden has been working to protect America. Now Warden urgently needs your help!


“Even though my rallies were lawful, they arrested me 11 times, prosecuted me four times and now I await my fifth trial—all because I stood on the public square and denounced Isabel Garcia and Pima County Open Border Policy,” says Warden.


“For the last month my ISP account has been shut down due to non payment. The local press has ruined my professional reputation as a Certified Legal Document Preparer. Now my family faces foreclosure on our home.


“I urgently need donations or employment NOW. Please click on the hotlink at the end of this paragraph, read the lead story on my website, and find out what’s going on in Tucson Arizona, the Gateway to America.


“When the truth comes out, the public will learn the Arizona Bar Association, the federal courts, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are working hand in hand to protect Isabel Garcia.”


Please Note my New Email Address: roywarden@earthlink.net


Thank you for your help!


Roy Warden

1015 West Prince Road

Suite 131-182

Tucson Arizona 85705

(520) 881-0535



How did Israeli markets escape

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Has anyone else noticed that Israel for some reason was not affected by the global market crash? 

Do you wonder if we will still continue to give them 8 billion a year in foriegn aid?

Something to think about.

Bush’s Iraq Madness…BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Another Bush administration accomplishment.


Joseph Stiglitz won the Noble Prize and he was president of the World Bank.

He has two simple messages:

1. The Iraq War will cost the US $3 TRILLION (minimum)

2. The war is one of the chief causes behind the destruction of the US (and the world’s) banking system.

This interview was recorded back in April, long before the seriousness of the banking problems were apparent and long before the multi-trillion dollar bailouts


The US put – and kept – a venal moron in the White House for eight years.


Using fraud, he launched a war that will cost US taxpayers at least $3 trillion.


As if that weren’t enough, the “creative financing”

he employed to pay for the war now threatens to destroy the US financial system.


Not just cause a recession, but destroy the US financial system.


This is not my opinion…it’s the opinion of the former president of the World Bank and a Nobel Prize winner in economics…


This was recorded over six months ago.




– Brasscheck

SPP Busted….Now Called NASRA by Tom Deweese/Canada Free Press

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SPP Busted….Now Called NASRA

Time to call a halt to the SPP

Regulatory Area, NASRA. by Tom Deweese of Canada Free Press

The Three Amigos are attempting an old-fashioned switcheroo, much like the 1930’s grifters portrayed by Newman and Redford in The Sting.

Frustrated that alert and clear-thinking Americans and Canadians see the nefarious purposes behind the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), President Bush has apparently concluded that dog won’t hunt – at least not under the moniker of SPP.  In a surprisingly simple-minded approach, the President has apparently decided changing a skunks’ name changes the fact that it still stinks. Shame on President Bush! If he weren’t up to his neck in treachery, he would not need to hide his activities from the nation.

Last year’s secret SPP summit meeting in Montebello focused on finding ways to get the people to swallow the idea of the collaboration leading to the North American Union, and to quiet its critics. Presumably, these were the topics of discussion when members of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) met with the leaders behind closed doors. The NACC is a largely secretive advisory council to the SPP consisting of representatives of such companies as Wal Mart, Chevron Oil, and Lockheed-Martin.

An internal memo from Canada’s Foreign Affairs and Internal Trade ministry documents that the NACC was urged to launch a public relations campaign to counter growing criticism of the trilateral cooperative that is a cornerstone of the building North American Union. According to the memo, Leaders discussed some of the difficulties of the SPP, including the lack of popular support and the failure of the public to understand the competitive challenges confronting North America. The memo emphasized the NACC members should (play) a role in communicating the merits of North American collaboration.  Am I the only one who remembers the definition of collaboration, at least as it applies to nations and their citizens?

Further, in point of fact, these competitive challenges do not face North America…they face global corporations doing business in North America. The SPP has nothing to do with ensuring the security and prosperity of the United States citizens, or U.S. corporations would first and foremost conduct business as Americans. The Partnership is between government and business; it values the nation’ citizens only as human resources.

Many corporate CEOS now seem to favor former CEO of GE Jack Welsh’ advice (as far as they practically can) that, the ideal factory would be built on a barge” so it could be hauled around the world to low-wage areas, where it could operate without labor rules, environmental protections or other standards.

Following the advice in March of the Frazier Institute, a Canadian think tank, the SPP will forthwith and hereafter (until another name is required) be known as the North American Standards and Regulatory Area. I say, until another name is required in full faith that as growing numbers of Americans learn of this treachery at the highest levels of our government, they will resoundingly oppose it.

Of greater significance than the name change is the Institutes call to expand and speed up the process of integration. One Canadian reporter said of last years SPP Summit that the SPP was dead and defunct. Another recently stated the SPP has collapsed under a heap of conspiratorial rubbish. This is pure garbage.

The conspiratorial label is pretty amusing, though, considering the Frazier Institute report suggested the name North American Union, or NAU, be dropped in favor of the new name. Unfortunately, the SPP is far from dead. But the growing public attention, and profound disapproval, obviously worries those sneaking around to secret meetings in dimly lit corners with secret files.

Results of a brand new American Policy Center survey on the SPP clearly show when Americans understand the truth, they say No! in phenomenal numbers. People are overwhelmingly opposed to the harmonization and integration, both economically and politically, of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

Even the name of the Fourth SPP Annual Summit was changed to the North American Leaders Summit. There’ an oxymoron for you; Leaders indeed!

Enough, already! President Bush, its time to tell the American people:

Whats on the table; whats the big picture?

What have the 20 SPP Working Groups been working on these past three years, specifically?

What promises have been made to the leaders of Canada and Mexico; to members of the NACC?

Will the 51 NACC proposals made to SPP negotiators last year, these regulatory changes that dont require legislative approval, favor narrow corporate interests over Americans welfare, freedom, and liberty?

What regulatory changes have already been made?

Why, President Bush, are you involved in secret meetings and negotiations involving the very sovereignty of the United States without the advice and consent of Congress, the American people, or even under scrutiny of the Fourth Estate, even as largely worthless as it is?

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