Should we have bailed out the few who don’t deserve it which will only help those same people?  Or, should we have bailed out the many; the people who drive the economy helping everyone from one end to the other?  Neither scenario is realistic, which may be why so many of us find ourselves stunned by the unconscionable lack of judgment in congress. 


Do you wonder what might have happened if our congress had acted in our best interest rather than that of Wall Street?  What if that 850 billion they are borrowing, which is likely to balloon to trillions was instead equally distributed among all legal households in the US?


  • Most mortgages could have been paid off even those which are fraudulently inflated.
  • Every credit card in the country could have been paid off except those held by the upper 3% which have no limits.
  • Every car loan could have been paid and new vehicles purchased.
  • Every school loan could have been paid and education paid for in cash.
  • Nearly every medical bill could have been paid.
  • Social programs based on income would be virtually non-existent.
  • New businesses hiring new employees could be started.
  • Existing small businesses could have been expanded and a new manufacturing base could have been started here at home.


If congress and this president were so eager to stabilize the economy and believed they could borrow us out of debt…..why didn’t they spend it where it would have mattered?  Why didn’t they spend that money in a way that would have caused an immediate expansion of our economic base and benefited millions instead of just a few?


Here’s why:  In every situation listed above, it would have meant smaller government, less taxes, less unemployment, and expansion of the business base and less government intervention and intrusion into our lives. 


We have been duped into thinking that for some reason we should be using credit and that this artificial number used to define us by credit reporting agencies is in some way significant.  It isn’t.  And the reason I know it isn’t is that our government is in the process of delivering a few trillion dollars to agencies and institutions whose credit ratings have to be in the toilet.  Your credit rating is simply a number generated by the same people who ran their businesses into the ground.  Do as our government did and just disregard it. 


What we have witnessed in the last two weeks is the greatest redistribution of wealth…redistributed to those already obscenely wealthy… ever witnessed at one time in our history.  The corporation operating as the UNITED STATES government just came out of the closet and established itself not as a constitutional government of the people, but rather, as the corporate entity as it has been since 1871. 


It is only going to go downhill from here. 


© Marti Oakley