It looks like the U.S. Senate did it the old-fashioned way:


“Besides the tax breaks, senators also made a change that had drawn widespread support in recent days – a temporary increase in the amount of bank deposits covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, to $250,000 from $100,000.  And the entire package was attached to legislation requiring insurers to treat mental health conditions more like general health problems, a long-sought goal of many lawmakers who demanded such parity.”  (Italics added for emphasis.)


I’ve puzzled over what the impetus is behind all of the scaremongering and running amok that has been going on in our Capitol.


The reason might be simply this:


“There are powerful foreign interests threatening to pull their money out of the market if we don’t pay them back for the bad mortgage securities they were fool enough to buy into.”


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Perhaps, if the President and/or Congress had shared this with us, we could have gotten down to the business of reassuring foreign markets and shitcanning the people who drove our economy into this sad state of affairs.