Costs of White House “hired help”

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Using numbers provided in this article




we have calculated the annual cost of providing support staff for the current gang in the White House.  The article and the numbers are from 2006.


The list of 433 positions analyzed excludes White House residence employees, Office of Management and Budget personnel, and the staff members working in the Office of the Vice President who are on the payroll of the U.S. Senate by virtue of the vice president’s role as Senate president.


The calculated gross payroll includes only President Bush’s “aides”.


To the Gross Payroll of $28,558,977.00, we have added the annual costs of medical insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and employer’s share of payroll taxes.


Using the medical insurance premiums paid by the United States Postal Service

for Letter Carriers, and presuming half of the employees would opt for High Option Self Only coverage, and the other half would opt for High Option Self and Family

coverage, the annual cost to the employer for coverage for these 427

White House employees would be

$  3,228,446.52







Employer’s share











$  1,611,902.54






$     414,105.17




$    7,000.00


$       23,912.00




$    7,000.00


$     206,241.00









Total Payroll Taxes & Medical Insurance

$  5,484,607.22









Gross Pay











Total Total Payroll









Presume Per Diem people work 130 days per year as subcontractors

$     365,040.00








Total “W-2″ employees plus subcontractors








Employer’s cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance calculated at the 2005 rate of $1.51 per $100 of


covered wages (average of all states except California)







$     431,240.55







Total “W-2″ employees plus subcontractors (including Workers’ Comp Ins)









Average cost per employee


$       81,022.94


The total cost for a year of all of this “help” is $34,839,864.78


It looks as if a serious effort to start cutting government costs could begin by eliminating some of the excesses in the White House.

Bailout bill loaded with 180 billion in pork…no true oversight, no CEO comp caps


Someone!  Please explain to me how we can go into debt another 180 billion on top of the 700 billion and refuse to increase taxes on those who profited from this disaster and cut taxes to businesses that will benefit from it also? 

Why are we being forced to bailout banks in England and Beijing? 

Why are there no true caps on CEO compensation? They can still make 1 million a week!

Although oversight is said to be tight, the actuality is that congress or some other agency could express concern over the actions by the treasury but could not halt, alter or otherwise impede the actions of the secretary of the treasury.  In other words…NO OVERSIGHT.  The bill is written so that congress might know that the money was being mismanaged….but they couldn’t do anything about it.

The increase in FDIC insurance to 250,000 is only for one year.  Who do you know that even has that kind of money except the same people who created the problem?

The same people who are insisting that taxpayers pay their debts for them are now manipulating the system so that YOUR job, YOUR retirement, YOUR investments, YOUR pensions and 401 K’s and YOUR paycheck are threatened.  This is financial blackmail!  Not one of these crooks and liars will lose one dime!

If our Senate and House were actually working to protect the American middle class from plunder by the ruling corporate class they would have moved immediately to secure the holdings and investments of middle America, securing and protecting these things and insuring them against obliteration. 

And don’t tell me they couldn’t have done this. If they can pull 850 billion out of thin air to save predatory lenders, to shore up the anti-American activities of multi-national corporations who are determined to collapse our economy and institute a global corporate ruling class, they could have moved immediately to protect the middle class sources of wealth and retirement from being wiped out. 

Congress had a choice here;  They could have moved to protect the middle and working class people, or they could move to protect their corporate sponsors.  They threw us under the bus while corporate lobbyists spread bags of money around to ensure the survival of multi-national corporations.

Congress would have demanded that inflated mortgages be re-written using the actual value of the property and using a fixed interest rate.  Predatory lenders would be required to clean up inflated entries at their own expense.  Instead, we will buy inflated mortgage “paper” that will never attain the value claimed. 

If Wall Street is in such dire straights, why is it that trading is going on unabated, with nothing more than the usual ups and downs of the markets?  The 7 point drop in stock markets after the initial failure of the house bill was a veiled threat.  It was not the worst day in the history of the markets as widely reported on MSM.  It didn’t even make the top ten.  In October of 1987, the market fell 22 points in one day.  We survived.

Just to add insult to injury, while congress claims that to do nothing would result in horrible things happening, the pork barrel, vote buying, political blackmailing to get what you want went on unabated.

This is how dire the situation is, how serious congress thinks this situation is….please add 180 BILLION to the 700 BILLION that we didn’t have, don’t have and will have to borrow to save predatory lenders, and corrupt corporations:

New Tax earmarks in Bailout bill

– Film and Television Productions (Sec. 502)
– Wooden Arrows designed for use by children (Sec. 503)
– 6 page package of earmarks for litigants in the 1989 Exxon Valdez incident, Alaska (Sec. 504)

Tax earmark “extenders” in the bailout bill.

– Virgin Island and Puerto Rican Rum (Section 308)
– American Samoa (Sec. 309)
– Mine Rescue Teams (Sec. 310)
– Mine Safety Equipment (Sec. 311)
– Domestic Production Activities in Puerto Rico (Sec. 312)
– Indian Tribes (Sec. 314, 315)
– Railroads (Sec. 316)
– Auto Racing Tracks (317)
– District of Columbia  (Sec. 322)
– Wool Research (Sec. 325)

Now….don’t you feel better knowing why your retirement account was being wiped out?  We need to be passing out the barf bags. 

Vote third party candidates and end this corruption of career politicians who are owned by the same people who are demanding that we clean up their mess.

© 2008 Marti Oakley


How the Senate worked its “magic”

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It looks like the U.S. Senate did it the old-fashioned way:


“Besides the tax breaks, senators also made a change that had drawn widespread support in recent days – a temporary increase in the amount of bank deposits covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, to $250,000 from $100,000.  And the entire package was attached to legislation requiring insurers to treat mental health conditions more like general health problems, a long-sought goal of many lawmakers who demanded such parity.”  (Italics added for emphasis.)




I’ve puzzled over what the impetus is behind all of the scaremongering and running amok that has been going on in our Capitol.


The reason might be simply this:


“There are powerful foreign interests threatening to pull their money out of the market if we don’t pay them back for the bad mortgage securities they were fool enough to buy into.”


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Perhaps, if the President and/or Congress had shared this with us, we could have gotten down to the business of reassuring foreign markets and shitcanning the people who drove our economy into this sad state of affairs.

Remembering the U.S. Constitution

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Is Anyone Paying Attention To

The Constitution of the United States


Section 7. – Passage of Bills

Clause 1.  All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.[13]


Footnote 13.  In practice, “appropriation bills,” or bills granting money for government services and actions, also originate in the House.  The practice originates from the United Kingdom, where the House of Commons originates all revenue or appropriation bills, and the House of Lords does not, by tradition, even amend them.




Will someone please explain to me what happened yesterday (October 1, 2008) in the U.S. Senate?


By what devious parliamentary maneuvering was the Senate able to grab the ball, thrown completely off the court by the House of Representatives, and run with it?


How can the Senate propose or concur amendments to a bill that has gone down to defeat, pass the amended bill by a margin of 74%, and send it back to the house for “final” consideration?


Or, has the United States Senate joined ranks with the White House in openly ignoring the constitution, acting as though not just the law but also the constitution itself, which is the fundamental law from which all the statutes gain their force and legitimacy, doesn’t apply to them?


In any case, this does not bode well for the continued “rule of law” in our fair land.

The inevitable collapse of the dollar….BRASSCHECK TV/video

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There will be consequences

What goes up will come down

“The path that we’re on right now is not sustainable.”

“The portfolio adjustments will be swift and severe.”

“There’s going to be a major realignment of global living standard.”

“Every knows the dollar could collapse, but nobody knows where it will start.”



Nobody in the US wants to talk about it, but it’s pretty easy to see when you’re viewing things from outside of the fish bowl.


Ten years from now, it’s going to be a radically different world, and the changes are starting right now.




– Brasscheck


Senate votes to pass bailout theft of taxpayer money….cost rises to an estimate 850 billion!

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The senate just finished a procedural vote on amendments, to the amendments and other amendments.

In what was nothing less than a test run to make sure they had the needed votes to pass this legalized theft of taxpayer funds to bailout the most corrupted corporate banks and securities, the senate voted 72 to 25 against the American people.

One senator introduced an amendment which would have attached a surcharge of 10% on the super wealthy who benefited most from the corruption and of whom, many were directly involved.  Only one other senator (names unknown at this time) agreed.  The rest of these traitorous jackasses sat silent until it was time to vocalize their “no” votes. 

As is their normal method of operation, earmarks, special interests and non-related wish list items were tacked on to the bill as “sweeteners” to get it to pass.  As a result, it is estimated that the actual cost of the bailout with all the perks added in, will be 850 BILLION dollars.  Thats 850 BILLION that we do not have and will have to borrow….and we still do not know in detail what all got included in this theft of taxpayers funds.


As is their usual method when ramming something we all know is wrong down our nationalized throats, WE were threatened with our retirement savings, our pensions, our 401K’s, our jobs, our paychecks.  No legislation was included or allowed to be included that specifically protected retirements, jobs, pensions or 401K’s from obliteration.  Hell no!  They are worried about protecting these fat cat corporations/

Other than Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont, few of these so-called public servants expressed any concern for the stability of the middle class or its declining quality of life due to the excesses in greed, the corruption of the elite class. 

Come November, we all need to be pulling the levers for third party candidates and boot this bunch of career criminal politicians out of office, then move immediately to end all retirement payments to these same deposed kings and queens. 

The Senate made it perfectly clear that they have no intention of doing the will of the people.  What was apparent was their loyalty to their corporate sponsors.  Get rid of em’!


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