Commentary by Ruthie

Within the current talks in Washington on how to deal with the mismanagement of our financial system by the very people who created the problem, there is one issue that is NOT being discussed – sub prime mortgages to illegal aliens. Nor do I believe without our voices being heard loud and clear by those elected to oversee these regulations, that there will be no discussion to address and correct the issue.


Many of those that discuss this current bailout day in and day out admit that sub prime housing loans escalated where we are today. And, the stories of, fraudulent activities and housing mortgages to illegal aliens is available.


Why are American homeowners and taxpayers being subject to pay for the activities of an administration, politicians and government agencies that demanded mortgage companies fund these loans?



It is illegal to aid and abet illegal aliens

US Code Section 8 sub sections 1324 and 1325.


It is illegal to change or ignore qualifications for home ownership.


And consider this – those illegally in the country have nothing to loose they can simply walk away from this debt leaving the American citizen holding the bag.


CONTACT ANY, MANY OR THOSE WHO YOU WOULD LIKE and D E M A N D the return to law and order and absolutely ….


No bail out to those who broke the law and aided and abetted illegal alien activity.


No funds to SPECIAL INTERESTS and LOBBYISTS that do not put the interests of the AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST.


No bailout or funding to those not legally in this Country.


They are not discussing this issue because within the current negotiations they would rather slip the issue into the talks WITHOUT educating the American people.



Please make the calls – if you cannot call – search out the person you would like to contact and email them – REPEATEDLY


No amnesty

Secure our borders

Enforce the LAW!!!!


If we do not stop the never ending financial drain of Americans and legal residents in this country to those who have done nothing more than break the law and enter this country illegally, we will be paying – as will our children and grandchildren – for generations to come – COMMON SENSE, LAW AND ORDER and the INTERESTS OF AMERICANS FUTURE must be address NOW.



Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform


MINSIR has a complete list of House and Senate members phone numbers.  Contact Ruthie for the members in your state