Subject: Text of Financial Crisis Legislation


This is an OFFER that you simply can not refuse [because if you do the private Bankers and their MBA’a are going to crash your economy and send this country into another Great Depression] !

In short, you are going to give another 700 BILLION plus to the “private” Federal Reserve Corporation, et alii, and agree not to prosecute anyone involved in this perfidy … and you are told that this impunity will restore “accountability, responsibility and transparency” to the System [of extortion]:

Sec. 8. Review.

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-

reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be

reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

Impunity. Not being punished for a crime or misdemeanor committed. The impunity of crimes is one of the most prolific sources whence they arise.

Impunity offers a continual bait to a delinquent {Impunitas continuum affectum tribuit delinquenti; 4 Co. 45, a; 5 Co. 109, a.};

Impunity always invites to greater crimes {Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat};

It concerns the commonwealth that crimes do not remain unpunished {Interest reipublicæ ne maleficia remaneant impunita; Jenk. Cent. 30, 31};

Evil deeds ought not to remain unpunished, and impunity affords continual incitement to the delinquent {Maleficia non debent remanere impunita, et impunitas continuum affectum tribuit delinquenti};

He who acts badly hates the light {Qui male agit odit lucem};

He who spares the guilty punishes the innocent {Qui parcit nocentibus innocentes punit};

The thing speaks for itself {Res ipsa loquitur};

The hope of impunity holds out a continual temptation to crime {Spes impunitatis continuum affectum tribuit delinquendi};

Rabon v. Rowen Memorial Hospital Inc., 152 S.E. 485 (1967) (Immunity fosters neglect and breeds irresponsibility while liability promotes care and caution, which caution and care is owed by the government to its people);

This was part one of a two part email sent to us annonymously.  If you know where this originated and who actually wrote it, please let us know.