After prevailing upon MSM to repeatedly show the film clip of the “lady” who stood up and asked what the party was going to do about the “bitch”…referring of course to Hillary Clinton, it seems the Republican Party, that bastion of right wing holier-than-thou gasbags has found its own version.


As usual, wrapping itself in a bloody, war mongering flag and claiming that “God” is on their side the Republicans trotted out one of their personal picks: a woman who, although she has had a short political career, has shown herself to be mentally compromised by religious zealotry and totally on board with the “me first, as long as I can make a buck crowd.”


After months of assailing the Obama camp by regaling anyone that would listen with horror stories of what would happen if Obama was elected due to his lack of experience, the McCain camp, in what was a Hail Mary move, selected a virtual unknown woman who was already under investigation for abusing her office and who was linked to the Ted Stevens scandal netting herself 230 million in the process.  These activities along with her need to sit when she peed, was all that was needed to put her in position.  After all, there were all those disgruntled “Hillary” voters out there that the McCain camp desperately wanted to tap into.  And, the McCain campaign immediately ceased its warnings of the horrors to come at the hands of an inexperienced candidate because, even though Obama may not have a lot of experience, this new proto-type for Republican hypocrisy has even less. 


McCain’s campaign which could muster little support even within Republican voters, suddenly ended all the internal emails lambasting McCain for his alignment with Bush, his voting almost 90% of the time for Bush policies and citing the gross expansion of government and the failing economy as a result of those policies. The RNC was of course, furious.  They had selected McCain and by god that’s who the candidate was going to be.  Never mind that even lifelong Republican voters saw this unstable and volatile old man for what he was.  Now, armed with another “God wants us to kill the Muslims” candidate, the religious crowd is back on track and blood will continue to be shed for the corporate interests who own our government.


And what is the biggest reason cited for this sudden turn-about?  Well, if something should happen to McCain, Palin could step in easily.  Not one of these emails has cited the previous objections used to disparage Clinton such as being a woman and how it wasn’t christianly for a woman to be in the presidency because men were supposed to be running everything.  Not one of these new and improved emails castigates Palin for her mannish activities such as hunting moose…oh! No!  Instead her moose hunting escapades are becoming the campfire stories of hunters everywhere who envision themselves in a secluded forest, with Palin as their hunting buddy.  Gone is their disdain for the Clinton toughness now that their own candidate has exhibited far more manly actions and attitudes than Clinton ever thought of.  This doesn’t surprise me.  There seems to be a fair amount of gender confusion in the Republican Party and several of its members appear to have a real problem deciding just which gender they prefer on a personal level.  But, every once in while one of these undecided individuals is caught in their deception at which point the party faithful are commanded to pray for them so they can be healed of their “perverted” sickness. 


Oh! To be a Republican and fanatically religious too!  The possibilities are endless!


Casually surveying people I had previously talked with regarding who they were going to vote for, I found a sudden change in voting intention, especially among men who were historically Republican’s.  Two months ago this same group had stated emphatically that they would not vote for John McCain because:


a)      He was too old.

b)      He probably wouldn’t survive the first four years

c)      He was too closely aligned with Bush, whom they detested.

d)     And, he was too unstable and seemed to be verging on dementia.


Now, two months and Sarah Palin later, they would vote for McCain because:


a)      Palin has big boobs

b)      McCain probably won’t survive the first four years

c)      Palin is good looking

d)     Palin is tougher than most men and has big boobs.


As usual, the “born-again”, I gave my life to Jesus crowd seems to have its mind centered squarely below its waistline if they are male, and verging on some kind of euphoric religious experience if they are female. 


The obvious sexual tension that erupted from men when speaking about the VP pick was enough to cause testosterone to drip off the walls.  One has to wonder what happened to all the acidic attacks launched against Hillary Clinton by this same group, who labeled Clinton’s toughness as “masculine” and went so far as to imply if not to say outright that she was a lesbian.  Of interest here is this: this is the same segment of the population that thinks Anne Coulter, of the bobbing Adams apple and protruding forehead and resonant masculine voice is a sex symbol.  Apparently this he-man female type is very appealing to the god crowd as long as they aren’t Democrats.


You have to give the Republicans their dues for their consistent hypocrisy and their ability to co-opt an entire segment of the population that has already shown its willingness to believe the irrational, the improbable, and the highly questionable all in the name of “faith”. 


As Mark Twain said, “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so”.  But apparently big boobs, inexperience and moose hunting make it so much easier, especially if you’re a Republican.


(c)2008 Marti Oakley