by: Marti Oakley (C)copyright 2010


 In light of the recent attempts to revive the H1N1 pandemic fraud, and the vaccines intended to be made mandatory via the healthcare takeover by the federal government, we need to carefully assess what we are about to subject ourselves to.  The media will spin the numbers any way they are told to. 



I was reading the tagline on CNN on August 22, and noticed a small tag that said a measles outbreak had occurred, and that almost half of those reported cases were from patients who had not been vaccinated.  Now here’s the real news:   More than half of those cases reported had been vaccinated.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gave this information to TIME/CNN:


Of this year’s total, 122 were unvaccinated or had unknown vaccination status. Some were unvaccinated because the children were under age 1, making them too young to get their first measles shot.


In 63 of those cases — almost all of them 19 or younger — the patient or their parents refused vaccination, the CDC reported.(1)


As of July 31, 2008 a total of 138 cases had been reported.  The CDC reports that these all seem to be coming from foreign countries….like Italy, Israel and Switzerland.  And some could have but I think it highly more likely that these outbreaks are the result of illegal immigration from south of the border as each area that the outbreaks have occurred have dense populations of illegal immigrants such as Illinois and Arizona. 


This year the American Academy of Pediatrics intends to spend a great deal of time educating parents on the safety of vaccines.  The Academy claims that doctors are seeing a backlog of patients just from having to answer too many questions about vaccines and their safety.  God forbid that any parent should infringe on the patient/time/profit scale to have their questions answered satisfactorily.


Doctors also seem to be complaining about information parents are retrieving from the internet and from those darn TV talk shows.  Well get a clue here!  People wouldn’t be going to the internet or watching those shows, if doctors had spent any time with them discussing these issues to any extent, or if doctors could be depended upon generally to be more concerned with patient education than their checking accounts.  Gone are the days when patients viewed their doctors as some kind of demigod and were afraid to ask them anything.  Remember those doctor visits?  Your doctor would explode in a self-righteous rage if you questioned anything.  I personally don’t miss those kinds of doctor visits, but apparently there is a new crop of physicians out there who do.


Pardon me…..but when it comes to your child I just don’t think you can ask too many questions.  Especially when there is a growing correlation between the rise in autism and the forced vaccinations that began in the 50’s.  Of course, now the vaccine makers claim that they have stopped using mercury or its derivatives as a preservative in the vaccine.  But that’s just since 2001.  Mercury is alleged to be the cause of the substantial rise in autism although pharmaceuticals and many doctors claim there is no connection.  If not, why would they stop using it?


Mercury or its vapors is a known neurotoxin and even in small amounts can cause brain damage.  I wonder what made people think there was a connection between the vaccines and autism or other developmental disorders? 


The CDC did not refer to the possibility of sub-clinical infections which refers to an in-apparent, mild infection which seldom results in visiting the doctor.  Nor did it address secondary vaccine failure.  Meaning, a collective immunity is building up rendering the vaccine less and less effective.

Even when estimates of secondary vaccine failure,( also called symptomatic secondary immune response), were accounted for susceptibility to sub-clinical (mild) secondary immune response was still 5-8 times higher after vaccination than after natural infection. PMID: 10813152 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

One can’t help but notice the increase in class action lawsuits against various big pharma companies and the accompanying complicity of the FDA in approving and helping to promote drugs and vaccines that cause more harm than good.  Entire states are now suing over the excessive costs associated with lethal pharmaceuticals.

And what was the governments’ response?  Bill Frist while senator, and a doctor, helped author and pass the vaccine liability fund that gets big pharma off the hook for damages and liability for its toxic concoctions, and puts it squarely on the shoulders of the US taxpayer.  The Vaccine Liability Fund forces US Taxpayers to foot the bill for death and injury, while pharmaceuticals rake in profits. 

It’s a sorry day in this country which is supposed to be the standard for the world that death is an accepted possible side affect of any medication.  Or that heart attack, stroke, blood clots, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, muscle atrophy, blurred vision, internal bleeding, hemorrhage, rashes, irregular heartbeats, and myriad other symptoms could be considered an acceptable tradeoff to the current condition. 

Doctors who rail against smoking seem to have no compunction about handing out medications that can cause severe and debilitating side affects including death.  When questioned, most seem to know nothing about many medications other than what was contained in the promotional materials provided by the salesman. 

We have no choice but to go to the net, or to listen to the experience of others even if on a talk show.  Our lives are at stake, as are those of our children.  If our doctors believe it is an inconvenience to have to answer questions, maybe we need to find other doctors not so concerned about the time/rate ratio and more concerned with the health of their patients.  If having to actually spend time answering questions is causing a backlog in their patients as some are claiming, maybe the problem isn’t the questions…..maybe it’s over booking to make the most bucks. 

Whatever the case, in my opinion, anyone who has a doctor who feels slighted if they are questioned, or who becomes angered because they are questioned, needs to find a new doctor.  There might not be too many of them left, but they are out there!