Why so much excitement? You have no real choices!

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I am absolutely mystified by the excitement people from both sides of what is virtually the same political party regardless of whether you call it Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal.  The fact is you are being presented with two presidential candidates expressing almost identical ideas and policies and both are just the continuation of George W. Bush’s plans and policies that have devastated our country for more than seven years.


The only real difference between McCain and Obama is in their presentation.  Presentation is every thing regardless of what you are selling.  McCain is presenting himself as another aggressive war president who will supposedly keep you safe from those nasty terrorists, and Obama is presenting himself as the diplomat who will only go to war as a last resort.  In either case, both are selling us continued wars, continued loss of liberty and a big brother style government. It’s just a matter of which camp you fall into and what kind of personality appeals to you. 


If you are one of those people that tend to lean towards machismo in your candidate, replete with tough talk, swaggering, a hair-trigger temper and bullying you’re more likely to vote for McCain. 


McCain puts me in mind of that creepy little critter in Lord of the Rings who’s coveting of the prized ring turned him from a man into a twisted and ugly creature.  There is no doubt in my mind that this man would sell his soul to sit in the Oval Office especially after having been cheated out of it by the likes of George W. Bush.  McCain got the message. Gone is the so-called “maverick” that purveyor of straight talk.  In its place is a man who will say or do whatever he has to, to claim the prize. 


During the national debates McCain looked almost crazed at times especially when for all intents and purposes the Republican Party had someone in mind other than him for the coveted nomination ;( a nomination that I personally believe had been promised to him in 2000 if he would forfeit the nomination to Bush.) Then he stated that we could be in war for another 100 years…a clear signal to the global mafia that he was on board.  Prior to making this statement, opposition to him being nominated was monumental within the Republican Party ranks.  Almost immediately after, opposition seemed to evaporate at least where it counted most which was in the RNC.  After all, McCain had just indicated that he would continue the devastating policies and agenda of the Bush administration. 


If you are a person who is more drawn to diplomacy or swayed by the ability of a candidate to wax eloquent and to speak endlessly without ever revealing much of anything, Obama is your man.  To those of us who suffer from some collective form of political shock from the last seven years, Obama is very appealing and he seems to always be in control of himself.  Adept at pinpointing issues of most concern to us common people and promising to reverse all the terrible damage done to our country under the Bush regime, all will end up being nothing more than empty political promises regardless of what his true intent was.  Even he knows this.  The free trader, capitalist, no loyalties to anyone but their banker crowd will never, let Obama make the changes he speaks of.  And, Obama just selected Joe Biden, known for his support for the war, his support of globalization that is devastating not only our economy but economies around the world.  Obama just signaled that he is on board with the globalists.


Neither candidate has made any reference to the unconstitutional expansion of powers of the executive branch or made any indication that they would reverse these illegal actions.  


Neither speaks of the Security & Prosperity Partnership that is laying the foundation for the North American Union that will see the forfeiture of our sovereignty. 


Neither will move to secure our southern border.


Both will try to implement an amnesty plan.


Neither candidate will make any effort to restore our loss of constitutional rights and protections. 


Obama’s Comprehensive healthcare reform will not happen unless the insurance industry, big pharma and the medical industry can be assured of getting a huge piece of the pie and continue to siphon billions out of the American public.


McCain will try to force privatization of Social Security, even as the stock markets indicate that nothing is stable and many bigger fortunes have been lost in recent weeks.  His plan, just as Bush’s, is to funnel the money for retirement into the stock market where these funds have long been coveted and where they will be subject to high risk ventures with no oversight.


The list goes on, but in the end regardless of who we cast our vote for we will get the same president.  Nothing will change that will benefit ordinary American’s.  Everything will be forfeited to the globalist agenda.  The only choice you have to make is whether you want your bad news from another wannabe cowboy who can’t possibly sit the horse he’s trying to ride, or, do you want it delivered to you in a more subtle and palatable way from someone who makes bad news seem, not so bad. 


Either way you’re going to get bad news; its all in how it’s presented.


© 2008 Marti Oakley

Operation Enduring Freedom… more aptly titled Operation Enduring Crap.

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After waging a war of aggression, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in Somalia among other places, it doesn’t take much forethought to realize freedom, enduring or not, is not the actual agenda.  In fact, freedom whether here at home or in some foreign nation that has no interest in our version of freedom, is far from the actual intent.  As we continue our march into other sovereign countries, decimating everything in site and killing off large numbers of indigenous populations and leaving the soil unfit for any type of food production, we need to ask ourselves where and when will this all end?  And what is the real purpose?


I only have partial answers to a few questions.  Before we can determine why we are raping and pillaging other countries it might be best to look at what is happening here as it is here that the monumental changes to freedom as we have known it are taking place.   The wars and the constant reference to external threats have facilitated the conversion to fascism which benefits only the elite to the detriment of humanity.  But, before this conversion can be instituted fully, the greatest society ever to have existed on earth must first be neutralized.  This is being done not only through dissolution of our constitution but also by categorizing the common population as “enemies of the state” if they fail to comply.  Second to this is the efforts to supplant the United Nations as the controlling body of all nations and this will be firmly cemented in our minds as a global tax is assessed on us and the UN builds its own multi-national army and accesses our military at will.


Below I have listed just a few of the most egregious acts by our congress and president that indicate to me that maintaining our freedom is not a priority; that we are in a police state and that our government believes it has the right not only to take our freedom from us but to use us as lab rats when it sees fit in order to determine the quickest and most expeditious means of getting rid of a fair number of us. 


Under the cover of “National Security”, our constitution is rendered null and void.  We have lost the right to due process, habeas corpus, and can be jailed indefinitely without charges for being deemed a “domestic terrorist” (blogger, writer, speaker etc.) and can even be stripped of our citizenship taking away any remaining constitutional protections. All of this brought to you by the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, The Military Commissions Act, The Patriot Act, The Security Enhancement Act of 2002 (Patriot Act 2) and various and sundry other rights robbing pieces of legislation all designed to negate the validity of the Constitution and passed with the threat of suffering another “attack” if we objected. 


If Obama’s S2433 Global Poverty Tax passes, we will lose the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, a provision of the GPT, to defend ourselves against our own government which has every intention of using our own military to attack us and is currently in training for that event. Referred to as Urban Warfare, training exercises are conducted in US cities supposedly to prepare for urban warfare abroad….which leaves me confused because according to our own government propaganda those living in the countries we are aggressively attacking are living in abject poverty and caves.  How could training in highly developed cities be of any help? 


The Civil Assistance Plan, an agreement signed with Canada earlier this year, will see the Canadian Military used on American soil against Americans.  I guess that’s only fair, after all we saw the US military used at Montebello when the Security & Prosperity Partnership summit took place back in August 2007.  Yet not one of our illustrious elected officials protested this treasonous act, nor stood up to denounce it except Ron Paul of Texas.  This “plan” is the formation of the New North American Army.  Just think….a foreign military on our soil…shooting at us and our military under command of a foreign government, at will.   


If S1959 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 passes the Senate and is signed by King George, it will become a felony for any one of us to contact our elected officials to express our dismay or disapproval of what they are contemplating or have done or to try and persuade any one to change their religious, political, or social beliefs.  We can be declared a domestic terrorist for any reason or no reason at all. 


If The Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007 passes (HR 2421), our human right to clean affordable water will be lost to privatization interests who will capture and sell it to the highest bidder regardless of who might be thirsting to death. The right to water from any source, including rain water will now be owned by the federal government.  The selling of those rights to water will begin immediately as the fed divvies up water resources and sells them off to the highest private bidder.  Billed as necessary to control pollution and to protect our waterways from polluters, this bill will facilitate the sale of water from every known source to the very enterprises and corporations most responsible for the pollution. 


The Vaccine Liability Fund prevents access to the courts by those injured and which makes US taxpayers liable for the deaths and injuries caused by toxic vaccines created by Frankenstein pharmaceutical companies.  Those injured must now apply to the federal government for compensation from taxpayers.  Big pharma on the other hand continues to rake in windfall profits with no penalty and the death toll and injury from lethal pharmaceuticals and vaccines continues to climb.   While being relieved from liability big pharma also receives a dollar for dollar tax credit on research and development and advertising. 


Even though China (of all places) will not allow genetically modified imports from the US, and France, Germany and many other nations will not allow GMO to be imported into their food supplies, our congress and executive have openly courted companies like Monsanto which have forced genetically altered foods into our supply using CAFTA rules regarding “free trade” which put the rights of a corporation above those of human beings.  Never mind that either no research has been done to assess the affects of GMO on the human body, or, if it has been done, no one is letting that information out.


Those same self-righteous religious fanatics populating our congress who fight so hard to keep stem cell research from moving forward seem to have no problem with transgenics…the splicing together of genes from different animals to produce such things as a pig with the skin of a cow, or cows that produce blood with human anti-bodies in it.  Our congress, replete with those being driven insane by religion votes to fund this type of ungodly experimentation each and every year while feigning religious indignation at the thought of stem cell research.


In 2002, Donald Rumsfeld, whose name I even hate to print out as to me it’s akin to conjuring up the devil, issued a new set of directives for the DoD.  In it, he asserted the DoD’s right to test on women and minorities, men and children and those in the military (everyone’s included) any biological weapon, any agent of germ warfare, any electromagnetic weapon or to test any agent or weapon of any kind on any American citizen at any time just by claiming it was for the greater good under “national security”.  And all of this brought to you without the right to informed consent or to be informed after the fact.  It even goes so far as to relieve any agent or operative from any current or future liability for any injury or death from any testing. 


The retro-active immunity for the telecoms that spied on U.S. Citizens illegally, contained in the recently passed FISA bill, ( HR 6304), and for Bush administration operatives and agents who also conspired against U.S. Citizens for political purposes, we now have no recourse against this invasion of privacy perpetrated by our own government.  The very fact that they sought this immunity from prosecution after the fact is an admittance that they knew they were breaking the law when they did it.  The idea that our own elected officials voted against us in favor of the corporate select and in violation of the Constitution should have them all recalled from office.


We are now subject to be added to watch lists, to black lists, to all kinds of lists held by Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA among other more numerous spy agencies for no other reason than we voice our opposition to the illegal activities of this government or simply because we exist and they wish we didn’t.  The FBI is busying itself with compiling dossiers on every person in the country which will contain any and all information that can be data mined from any source whether true or not. 


The estimated 26,000 members of Infragard openly spy on neighbors, employees and others and report to the FBI and Homeland Security.  Again, no effort is made to determine the accuracy of the snitches’ reports.


Thousands from the clergy have been financially prodded into coaxing their congregations to give up their guns when martial law is declared.  If your preacher, minister, priest, rabbi or pastor begins telling you that if martial law is declared it would be best for you to comply with government demands……find a different church.


Our military has been converted from one of national defense to one of protection of special interests.  It has been deployed not for the sake of defending the physical United States from specific and real threats, but rather, deployed for the corporations who covet the assets of foreign countries.  And WE pay for it not only in dollars, but with the blood of our family members and friends. 


I realize that this is a very short list, but considering that Senator Harry Reid recently cited 873 bills as being passed since 2006, I have to wonder what is coming down the pike we don’t know about yet?  When exactly did they pass all these bills and just exactly what did they pass into legislation?  The things we know about are an abomination…….just imagine what has not yet been exposed.


I can think of any number of names for what has been done to our country under the guise of national security, defending freedom, and using war to steal the assets of another nation for profit.  Operation Enduring Freedom is not one of them. None of the actions either here at home or abroad have anything to do with maintaining or delivering freedom anywhere. 


As it is, we need to look at the loss of freedom right here at home before we begin to think that we can deliver what we no longer possess to people who have no interest in it to begin with. 

(c)2008 Marti Oakley


Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007


§ 9510. Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode26/usc_sec_26_00009510—-000-.html

S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007


Global Poverty Tax


Passage of FISA


The Civil Assistance Plan…the new North American Army


Animals Engineered for Human Health Purposes


Clergy Response Teams




Department of Defense Directive/2002

(see section 4.6.)


The wizards of warfare

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 By James P. Harvey

 (c) 2008


Washington’s wizards of warfare already have us trapped in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now, rather than trying to get free of those snares, they are doing their very best to add Iran and the wolves in Russia to this insanity.


Can anyone with anything more than excrement for brains not see their deliberate plan to destroy America; and they are sadistically toying with our country during the last, exquisitely painful hours of her life?


If the reader is so uninformed as to be offended by these accusations, let me add a few more to the list. Then, just maybe, a little bell will start ringing in your dysfunctional mind and you will turn off that electronic propagandist, cancel your news-paper, and start hunting for more reliable information.


For the time being, I will ignore all of the atrocities committed by previous administrations and concentrate on what the present war mongering traitors in all three branches of our government have done. Better yet, I will make it a test of your ignorance.


Are you aware that the so called Free Trade deals such as NAFTA are really Slave Trade deals because they allow corporations to move our manufacturing capability to other countries where the population is willing to work for slave wages, out source American jobs to other countries, and redistribute Americas wealth to other countries, which will bankrupt us and make us more controllable?


Are you aware that your so called president is negotiating with Canada and Mexico to form a North American Union, in preparation of a regional system of government that surrenders our Nations sovereignty, and Constitutional Republic?


Are you aware that Congress has allowed construction to begin on a Foreign owned super highway from Mexico to Canada that will have eminent domain over private property?


Are you aware that Congress has surrendered it’s authority to the executive branch, and therefore is guilty of treason?


Are you aware that our government is selling public services to foreign owned



Are you aware that the Supreme Court does not have the authority to interpret the Constitution of the United States of America?


Are you aware that our government is under the control of International Bankers who are controlling corporations that are assuming control of the world’s economy?


Are you aware that the pharmaceutical and food industries are poisoning citizens in every nation?


Are you aware that the chemical industries have effectively assumed control through patents, of the seeds necessary to produce food?


Are you aware that not one single rich person in the entire world has the authority to finance a national, propagandist free, news-paper or TV station?


After realizing that few if any propagandized citizens would read this list, I have decided to put the burden of becoming knowledgeable citizens on the reader, where it belongs.


If you are smart enough to have realized I have a legitimate reason for my disgust with the majority of my fellow citizens, then the following is a list of sites and essay’s to continue your education, as they are much more articulate and gifted writers than I.


When, after becoming aware of what has been going on, and your concern for your children’s future is as heart-breaking as mine, please contact me at




James P. Harvey













Make shortcuts to these sites, and after you have read their essays, go to the links they provide, buy the books they recommend, and reflect on this.


Not under any circumstances, can you justify giving up your, or my, freedom from a tyrannical government.


If somehow, you have received this letter from somewhere, and do not have a computer, please call me at 828-696-7100



Gardasil…..8,000 “adverse events”….including death.

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Another profit center for pharma

Gardasil is an immunization against a “disease” that often has no symptoms and usually resolves itself.Marketers of the vaccine imply it helps prevent cervical cancer. This is scientifically false. Furthermore, cervical cancer is already substantially on the decline.

What is true is that if you introduce Gardasil into a person who already has HPV you dramatically increase their odds of developing pre-cancerous cell behavior.

So why are the marketers of this vaccine working with crooked politicians to make Gardasil injections mandatory for young girls?

It’s garbage science and bogus public health all in pursuit of the almighty dollar.


Since publishing this video in the winter of 2008, the predictable public health catastrophe has begun.

Unnamed “federal health officials” reported to the New York Post recently that there have been over 8,000 “adverse events” – including death and paralysis – in girls and women injected with Gardasil.

Let’s get some things straight:

1. Gardasil is NOT a vaccine against cervical cancer even though it has been promoted that way by its makers

2. The vaccination series costs $360

3. Some politicians are seeking to make it mandatory for all girls between the ages of 10 and 15.

Another pharmaceutical industry fraud

Thanks to George Bush & Friends, victims of this “vaccine” will not be able to sue the manufacturer. Instead, they will have to apply to the federal government for relief which will involve a prolonged and expensive hearing process.

Some of the injuries reported so far include:

1. A 17-year-old who collapsed and died two days after receiving the last of three injections.

2. An 11-year-old who suffered a heart attack three days after receiving the injection. The doctor attributed the death to a severe allergic reaction.

3. A 13-year-old who developed headaches, lethargy, and paralysis of her left leg days after a Gardasil shot.

Don’t let yourself or your daughters be railroaded into receiving this highly suspect “vaccine.”


I loved the old Nancy Reagan “Just Say No!” campaign.

Here’s a short list of things I say no too. 

 * Just say no to genetically engineered foods.

 * Just say no to compulsory micro-chipping of your pets, farm animals and children.

 * Just say no to bogus vaccination campaigns

And there is no more bogus one then the drive to have all pre-teen girls injected with some junk called Gardasil.

If you have daughters or there are young girls in your extended family this video you must watch:


The Golem: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Armageddon

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Mark Dankof’s review of Michael Collins Piper’s The Golem:  Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Armageddon may be accessed at Al Bawaba (Amman, Jordan).  See:

No planes….. Just manufactured video BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Believe your own eyes

By this point in time, most people who’ve bothered to really look into the 9/11 story realize:

1. There is something seriously amiss and still unexplained about the late afternoon collapse of World Trade Center Seven on 9/11.

2. The “crash of United 93” in Pennsylvania left an awfully small hole on the ground and no visible wreckage – or bodies!

3. The wreckage at the Pentagon is in no way consistent with the crash of a large jet passenger plane. Not only that but also on the day of impact, all the local security camera video was seized and has been kept from public view ever since.

Now, get ready for a real shocker, one that will require you to really stretch your mind on the subjects of perception, propaganda and evil.

Here it is:

The evidence is overwhelming that no jetliners hit the Twin Towers.

No plane in Pennsylvania. No plane at the Pentagon. And no planes in New York either.

I know this sounds crazy, but stick with it for a moment.

How do we know there were no planes in New York?

We know because the supposedly “live” footage of planes hitting the World Trade Center turns out upon careful examination to have been manipulated in very obvious ways.

If the scope of this deception seems beyond comprehension, the logistics needed to pull it off were really quite simple.

Here’s what you need to know to understand how this deception was accomplished.

1. The “news” flows from a small handful of major networks. If they say it, it’s true. If they show video that shows it happened, it happened. Period.

2. Each of the major news networks has a single person who completely controls what it shown on their air. He’s called the news director.

3. The news director calls all the shots in a TV newsroom.

He controls what footage will be shown, what scripts will be read by the news anchor, and when a live feed will be shown – and when it will be cut off.

4. To completely control the reporting of any major event, all you need to do is control a small handful of news directors.

If the news director doesn’t like the way an anchorperson is ad libbing, he can tell him or her through their earpiece to change the subject.

If the news director doesn’t like what a real eyewitness is saying in a live feed, he can order the scene to be cut away to something else.

If the news director wants a certain piece of footage shown, all he has to do is hand it to one of the tech people and it will be shown, no questions asked, no debate, no analysis.

5. In order to pull off this massive fraud, the conspirators needed only three things:

FIRST: The ability to quickly alter video footage, specifically add the moving image of a plane to existing footage.

This is so easy to do it’s laughable.

SECOND: A news director to receive the doctored tape, hand it to a video tech, and say “play this when you get the cue.”

THIRD: A FEW rehearsed eye witnesses in place ready to jump in front of the news cameras on the scene and say they “witnessed” something that never happened.

This last part is EASY, especially when you realize that it’s the news director who tells the reporter on the scene who to interview and who to ignore.

The news director does this remotely from the control room back at the studio. He can see what the on-the-scene camera is shooting and directs the on-the-scene reporter long before anything ever hits the air.

A cast of thousands, hundreds or even dozens was not needed to to pull off this media deception.

All that was needed were the news directors at the top networks to do what they were told, a few actors at the scene to play at being eye witnesses, and a dime-a-dozen video editor to re-work the “live” footage so that it shows “reality” the way the conspirators wanted it to be shown.

With a system like this in place, you can have hundreds of millions of people saying they “saw” something that never actually happened, thereby drowning out the real eye witnesses who were at the scene and were crystal clear about what they saw, specifically no planes, just explosions….coming from the inside of the buildings.

Look at the footage again. The fireball could have easily been created by explosives inside the building to which the video artifact of a plane was added later.


This video is only ONE study of one of MANY manufactured video clips purportedly “shot” that day. In fact, every “plane hits building” video I’ve studied displays similar or even more egregious technical problems than the one in this example.

In one case, the plane is completely black…even though a jet liner on a bright, sunny day is anything but.

In another case, the nose of a plane falls off as it is heading towards a building and then spontaneously reassembles itself. This is a kind of pixelation error that can only happen in an edit program not in a camera.

In yet another case, a plane seamlessly slips into one of the buildings without colliding into or experiencing resistance of any kind. A physical impossibility.

Still another piece of manufactured footage shows a plane colliding into one side of the North Tower building and then emerging out of one of the corners of the South Tower.

Finally, and this one is my favorite, “a plane” slices completely through one of the buildings and the nose comes out the other side completely intact, another physical impossibility.

Interestingly, many of these “fixed films” were only shown once “as is” and when shown again, the networks conveniently placed their logo banners right over the video manipulation errors.

How do we know all this?

Because we can see it with our own eyes.

And you can see it with your own eyes too.

In practical terms, what does it mean that the planes crashing into the World Trace Center were generated by bad special effects editing?

At the end of the day, it’s just another nail in the coffin of the “Osama Bin Laden did it” fairy tale and proof that 9/11 was an inside job.

Buildings did impossible things on 9/11. So did pilots and the US air defense system not to mention the “hijackers” who operated with historically unprecedented tactical effectiveness that day.

Will your friends ever “get” that the 9/11 World Trade Center footage was doctored?

Possibly not.

But it doesn’t matter.

You know and every day more people find out the truth, even in the face of a total media blackout and an ongoing misinformation campaign.

9/ll was an inside job. The current government of the United States is not only illegitimate, it’s profoundly criminal.





This one takes us deep down the rabbit whole.


On 9/11, “hijacked airliners” did things that were physically impossible and beyond the capacity of any pilots, experienced or not.


Here’s why the news media doesn’t want to look too closely into the simple, indisputable facts of aviation reality. 




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 Andrew Wallace, writing for News With Views, gives an excellant dissertation on the treason that abounds in our government and our obligation to rectify that treason.   News With Views carries an extensive archive of Mr. Wallace’s writings that are always to the point and on the mark. 


By Andrew C. Wallace
August 13, 2008


(Excerpted from the article by Andrew Wallace)

“Anyone who actively supports either Democrat or Republican parties should go to the backyard and practice braying like an uninformed jackass because they are one. We must only vote for individuals, regardless of party, who we have determined by personal encounters to be Patriots who will represent us, and not the Chain of Command for Treason..

Our Constitution requires government to defend the people from invasion and other threats. The ongoing refusal by government officials to either protect the people as guaranteed by the Constitution or to support and encourage the people to protect themselves is a most serious and unambiguous act of treason. Our only viable solution, short of civil war, is to remove and prosecute government officials for treason using the rule of law. It is common knowledge that many Americans believe that a majority of government officials have betrayed this country and refuse to protect citizens, but actively use their power in support of illegal invaders and other criminals, thus giving citizens the right under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to take autonomous action.” (end excerpt)

Read the full article here:


Monsanto & Dow control your food. BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Did you know that the pesticide industry bought the seed industry during the 1990s.


Monsanto and Dow Chemical owns the future of your food.


Why this is not a good idea…in case you didn’t already know.





Barbara Peterson has done extensive research on the connection between genetically modified foods and Morgellan’s disease, among other things.  You can find her research and exhaustively researched articles on her site, www.spktruth2power.wordpress.com


many of her articles on GMO are also included here on PPJ.


Monsanto is also the maker of Aspartame, a synthetic sweetener used in more than 5000  food  products, including the diet soda you drink.  Aspartame converts to wood alcohol and formaldehyde in the human body, killing organs and causing or worsening diabetes and high blood pressure along with heart disease. 


We all have a right to know where our food came from and whether or not it has been genetically altered. 

Canadians view central bank as corrupt

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 Apparently a central bank is not only ruining the US, but Canada as well.  This just came in from the Canadian Action Party…………………………..


We are being scammed!

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 22:07:07 -0400



Our banking system within Canada is corrupt and your government allows it to be that way. Watch this video and see why.

We have the power as a people to change this, just Vote for a CAP candidate in the next federal election.





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