The Future is Now!

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People are worried about the future and what it will bring. Worrying is useless, and will no more solve a problem than will hiding from it. So, stop worrying and start doing!


Some say to live like there is no tomorrow. I say, live like there is a tomorrow, and that you are accountable for every one of your actions. This is what a responsible steward does, and is something that each of us needs to learn. We are stewards over this land and the creatures that inhabit it. We are also stewards over our own lives, and have a responsibility to direct our actions on a course that promotes life and harmony. From the moment we reach the age of being able to understand that what we do and say is important and affects everyone around us, we become responsible for our actions and words. But have we accepted that responsibility? No!


The human race has treated the earth and everything around it as disposable, as if we are not responsible for our actions. We pillage and rape everything around us then lay the blame on anyone but ourselves. We do not have that right! We do not own the earth, we are merely stewards. The only thing we own are the words that come out of our mouths, and we treat them like we do everything else. We do not take responsibility for our words. We bury the truth with lies if the truth is inconvenient, then build upon those lies as if they are the truth. This is a foundation of shifting sand, and it cannot stand. Firm foundations are built on truth, and it is our responsibility to build the foundation of our lives on the truth, no matter how painful or inconvenient that truth is.


The Ron Paul Revolution


Our government leaders no longer stand for the people they are supposed to serve. Instead of standing on a foundation of truth, they pander lies for personal gain to a populace worn down by incessant brainwashing in the form of corporate-owned television, radio, newspaper, magazines, and government schools designed to disseminate government-approved propaganda and make sure that Johnny cannot read the many legislative sleights of hand passed by Congress and shoved down the throats of people too busy to do anything about it. These leaders know exactly what they are doing. It is we the people that need to wake up and smell the coffee.


Ron Paul came at a time when people needed someone in government to look the political hacks in the eye and speak the truth. With people like Ron Paul facing the enemy in public debate, more and more people are waking up from the slumber of complacency. What we are beginning to see now is a “one person at a time” shift in values. People are starting to take a good look around to see that they are surrounded by a sea of lies brought to them one commercial at a time by one major corporation at a time, and they are getting angry.


We the people are as David threatened by giant corporate Goliaths who prey on the weak and vulnerable for profit. Professional liars who invade our homes through technology bombard us with lies intended to manipulate us into doing what they want us to do. The 9/11 tragedy blasted a hole right through our national consciousness and woke a lot of people up. Ron Paul continued the momentum and more people are seeing the treachery that surrounds them.


Surrounded by lies, we live in a time when just speaking the truth is a revolutionary act. Ron Paul’s public call for truth in government triggered a gut reaction in many people, driving them to cry out against a corrupt system built on the shifting sand of lies portrayed as truth. This is not a new phenomenon. This country was founded on revolution, and the only difference between what happened then and what is happening now is a matter of scope and time.


What’s Next?


Revolution is inevitable. It is also very personal. As soon as you make a decision to do what is right instead of what is convenient, you become revolutionary. As soon as you stand up and proclaim the truth, you become revolutionary. For some there is no other choice. For others, well, comfort is paramount. Comfortable people are complacent. Comfortable people will do almost anything to maintain their level of comfort. Take away the comfort, and you plant the seeds of revolution. The question is, just how much comfort needs to be taken away for the seeds of revolution to take root and flourish. The economy is spiraling downhill, and very soon, creature comforts will be a thing of the past unless one is wealthy enough to be classified among the elite. Will people be content to live as serfs and take what they can get from their “betters,” or will they rise up and take charge of their lives?


Once aware of the lies, do we just cave in and go along with the program because we are surrounded and seemingly overcome? Some will, but others will not. In fact, some will get mad as hell. Some will get so mad that they reject the world system altogether and form groups dedicated to survival in a world without modern conveniences. This is already beginning to happen. People who can no longer afford fuel to get back and forth to work or feed their families are turning to bicycles and gardening. It is only a matter of time before a two-tiered class system is in full swing with the rich living like there is no tomorrow and the poor just trying to stay warm and fill their bellies. To survive this type of system requires learning how to do things all over again, without modern conveniences. We need to learn how to become self-sufficient. We need to learn survival in order to live one more day fighting the giants. And fight we will, if we care about the truth.


There will be those who go along with the program, and think they are safe. They are not. They will suffer the most, being caught in the middle and in the long run, good for neither side; a traitor to their friends and puppets of the elite. These people will be the greatest threat. They will turn their “friends” over to the authorities for minor infractions of police state laws without blinking an eye while living in denial, thinking they are “one of the elite” because they have done so. They have no loyalty, no strength of character, morality or ethics. They will sell their very souls to the highest bidder for a crust of bread.


But there will also be those who stand up and say, enough! The buck stops here. These people will make a difference. These people will stand up to the corporate Goliaths, if not for any noble cause other than to do what is right and to stand accountable. They will stand up and be counted for the things we don’t like to think about these days such as morality, ethics, and honesty. These people will proclaim the truth from one end of the earth to the other. And they will not be in the majority. The truth is never popular.


Who Will Win?


Once you make the decision to become responsible for your actions and do what is right, you have already won. Like I said before, revolution is very personal. We choose life or death, it is up to us. Lies bring death, and truth brings life. The body might cease to exist, but the spirit will live on if we choose the truth and stand on its foundation. Lies are manifestations of a false reality, and therefore, do not exist in the real world. They turn to dust when the truth is revealed. The truth lasts forever and once we choose the truth and act on it, we have set in motion the revolution.


By seeking to destroy what is natural and what is good, the elite will end up destroying themselves in the end. They will not be able to hide behind their riches in the aftermath of the genetically modified scourge they have unleashed on the world and its poorer population. They will not be able to hide in their mansions and be safe from the consequences of their actions. Their lies will crumble and the truth will be too hard for them to bear. They will not survive it. Those who seek the truth will prevail, and they will be a remnant of what was once thought to be a great, unconquerable society. Survival will not be convenient, and will probably be quite painful, but rest assured, the path of survival is to embrace the truth, which is the only surety in this world. Stand on it and you are standing on firm ground.


So who wins and who loses? Think about this: If you strike a match in the darkness, the light overcomes and illuminates the darkness. The darkness can only prevail if there is no light. May he who has ears to hear, strike a match and illuminate the darkness. The revolution is at hand.



© 2008, Barbara H. Peterson

While Congress Fiddles and Hums…….

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While congress fiddles and hums and comes up with ever more ways of wasting money and time, and taking away more of our constitutional protections, not one of those jackass’s has made any relevant effort to clamp down either on Wall Street or (god forbid!) the oil companies.  While American taxpayers get raped at the pump, the oil companies…..the corporate whores that they are….are raking in billions in profits while also availing themselves of unneeded and unnecessary tax credits and subsidies.  Congress, acting like a collection of submissive pimps, just can’t find the spine to slap them down.

While MSM sings the tale of woe about how those damned enviromentalists are the cause of high gas prices, and clueless right wing hacks sing the praises of globalism and free trade, American consumers whether left or right are paying the price.  Maybe at some future date when gas prices approach $5.00 per gallon, and food is unaffordable it will dawn on those remaining individuals out here that free trade amounts to a free ride for corporations and the wealthy.  For you and me, free trade is a one way ticket to economic hell.

I have to ask this: 

With another 450,000 jobs lost just in June due to outsourcing, offshoring, business downsizing or closings……and rising gas and food prices along with almost every other item that affects our daily lives……do you still think that unregulated free trade is a good deal?  How many of us have to lose our homes, our jobs, our health coverage and everything WE have worked for before it occurs to us that this method of operation is killing us off?

Free trade has one objective; the economic destruction of virtually every economy in the world.  The current inflated price of oil, even as supplies have remained steady should have been the proverbial slap to the head for those who still cling to the idea that somehow, regulating trade to protect our economy and our future as a nation, is a bad idea.  How badly do you have to be squeezed before you can admit supply side economics is a national disaster?

Just today on MSM there were reports of test programs that allow people to “lock in” gas prices at the current level by paying in advance.  IF the prices go up which I can assure you they will, this could be a good deal.  If they go down…not so much.  Here’s the clinker in this which seemed to pass by the reporters altogether:  If gas prices can be locked in at a specific price……why can’t gas be capped at a certain price?  After all, if the oil companies can afford to allow advanced purchasing of gas at what might be a price lower than that at the pump…wouldn’t that indicate that all the price hikes are actually cases of price rigging?  And not necessarily due to whether or not they can drill in someplace other than the 68 million acres they already have access to, known to have deposits? 

Its bad enough that there are still people out here who, even when faced with impending economic collapse of our country, still beat the free trader drum.  The incessant ramblings of paid political hacks who masquerade as “broadcasters” while pumping the public full of misinformation and propaganda seems to never end, most likely because they still find people gullible enough to buy into the false notion that free trade is benefiting anyone other than the elite.

Congress, while voting to fund the bailout of corrupt mortgage companies, voting to give immunity to telecoms and the Bush administration, voting time after time to pass amnesty against the wishes of the majority of Americans, voting to continue funding the war in Iraq, voting for anything and everything except protecting what is left of the middle class and taxpayers, doesn’t seem to realize that if we go down, we will have no use for them.  There won’t be a congress.  Frankly, I believe we have reached the point where congress has become such an enemy of the people that it should be done away with altogether.  It no longer functions as it was intended, and no longer represents the American people.

We have to realize that if we are to survive as a nation, as a viable economic force in the world, we cannot continue to allow corporate free trade pillaging of our country.  I hear so many disparage protectionism and it seems to me that if we do not engage in protectionism we will cease to exist as a nation.  At some point we have to circle the wagons and decide to protect ourselves.  We can’t allow trade deficits, or for multinational corporations to artificially create windfall profits because so many of us have been suckered into thinking that regulation is not conducive to capitalism. 

With all the free trading that has gone on in the last seven years and the devastation it has brought nationwide including the growing recession, how can anyone still support this malignant line of thinking?  Think about that when you pull up to another gas pump and pay through the nose for enough gas to get you to work while subsidizing the oil cartels and while congress fiddles and hums.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008

Kenneth R. Timmerman: Israeli Mossad Front Man to Iranian Expatriates?

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By Mark Dankof for the American Free Press

It may be more than significant that Kenneth R. Timmerman, neo-conservative columnist par excellence, has been recently interested in covering Iranian expatriate political activities in Europe and the United States designed to produce regime change in Tehran, most notably the recent “Iran Solidarity” conference held earlier this month in Paris.

Timmerman, of course, is the author of the now infamous disinformation piece published by Insight Magazine of the Moonie-owned Washington Times on October 15, 2002, alleging Saddam Hussein’s possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Insight headline advertising the essay, published half a year before Bush’s preemptive military action in Iraq in early 2003, says it all:


How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction: Saddam Hussein’s War Machine Is Being Built Systematically to Strike At the United States With New Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Designed to Kill Millions.

Mr. Timmerman bases his now totally discredited case for war with Iraq on the “intelligence” provided by the nefarious Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress’s (INC) committee of six, based in London in late 2002. And what he doesn’t say in the essay of 56 months ago is as significant as the falsehoods pathetically put to paper on apparent behalf of his suspected master handlers in both Washington and Tel Aviv. In demonizing Mr. Hussein, he conveniently manages not to remind his readers of the long-standing relationship between Saddam and American intelligence, going back to the former’s role as a CIA-hired trigger man selected to shoot the then-Prime Minister of Iraq in a failed assassination attempt in 1958. Nor does the Moonie-employed columnist bother to tell the uninitiated and unsuspecting about Hussein’s pivotal performance as an instrument of Western intelligence agencies in provoking the eight year war between Iraq and Iran from 1980-88. Why? The answers may lie between the lines of the original text of the now embarrassing Insight story, still accessible on the Net by clicking here.

The public professional and political connections of Kenneth R. Timmerman are similarly suggestive. The online news service, The Newshoggers, informs the reader that:


“Mr. Timmerman is also Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, an organization which he co-founded with PNAC founding member Peter Rodman, who is currently United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and some prominent Iranian dissident figures. As such, you might expect (and you would be right to do so) that this Foundation has the ear of the Bush administration, GOP members on the Hill and prominent neoconservative thinkers. The Foundation has a distinctly secular bent, unsurprising given Mr. Timmerman’s negative opinions of the Islam in that country, and is dedicated to assisting regime change in Iran.”More surprising, perhaps – and not mentioned in any official bio – is his presence on the Advisory Board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) – an honor he currently shares with Rep. Eric Cantor, Michael Ledeen, Jack Kemp and Richard Perle. Past Board members include Vice President Dick Cheney, US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, and Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith. A heady and powerful grouping. JINSA, it has been alleged, is closely allied to neoconservative advocates of pre-emptive regime change and to the AIPAC group which is currently embroiled in a spying scandal.

“It appears, then, that Mr. Timmerman and his Foundation for Democracy in Iran are very well placed indeed to gain a great measure of influence and power should the US institute force regime change in Iran. Iranian members of his organization could reasonably expect high political office as appointees of any occupation authority in the same way that Ahmed Chalabi and Iyad Allawi were in Iraq. The parallels are obvious – providing shaky evidence and allegations of a WMD program to help foment a war that catapults them into political office.”



And Mr. Timmerman’s war will foment the deaths of thousands of innocent Iranians and apocalyptic blowback against the United States worldwide. This is apparently what the American and Israeli governments have militarily planned via CONPLAN 8022, along with the support of both the CIA and the Mossad for regional separatist groups operating within Iranian borders, in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Khuzestan, and Balochistan.

There is one other significant item to report. I am informed by a former seasoned covert operative in the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations that Kenneth R. Timmerman was once “the editor of a Mossad-financed newsletter based in Paris, France.” Paris, France, as previously mentioned, was the recent venue of the “Iran Solidarity Conference.”




Coincidence? The report in my possession has also been personally corroborated by Philip Giraldi of Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative.

True Iranian patriots who have their own reasons for wanting regime change in Iran, like Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan, beware.

Mark Dankof is the voice of Mark Dankof’s America, heard live on the Republic Broadcasting Network, 7-10 am Central time. He was the Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware in 2000. His articles may be found through his blog with Al Bawaba of Amman, Jordan, and at http://www.MarkDankof.com.


Mark Dankof to American Patriots: Bob Barr for President? Forget It.

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june 28, 2008

Mark Dankof to American Patriots: Bob Barr for President? Forget It. 

Julie Bosman’s front page story in the June 28th New York Times chronicles the 3rd Party Presidential campaign efforts of ex-Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who will run on the Libertarian Party ticket.

My candid advice to American Patriots.  Forget it.  And please spell that in capital letters for public distribution to people in our movement around the nation.

Barr and I have met personally on only one occasion–the Conservative Caucus symposium on Y2K issues held before the turn of the century in Washington, D. C.’s swank University Club.  He was one of the illustrious speakers scheduled for that event by Caucus Chairman Howard Phillips.  I recall the Congressman as an interesting speaker and an apparent gentleman. 

That having been said, Ms. Bosman’s well positioned piece on the Barr candidacy in today’s Times should prove fatal to the Georgian’s chances for meaningful impact on the November election–if the Patriot movement glances at the record, effectively chronicled for the world in New York this June 28th.  Furthermore, his nomination by the Libertarian Party could seal the latter’s permanent fate as well.

Why?  As page A 10 in today’s Times underscores, Bob Barr voted in the United States Congress for 1)  the USA Patriot Act; and 2)  the “authorization” for Mr. Bush’s war in Iraq in 2002.

It is difficult to imagine a more ludicrous scenario than this–a Libertarian Presidential candidate running as an “alternative” to the impending McCain-Obama/AIPAC tragicomedy unfolding before the American people, who has put his own imprimatur on the drive of the New World Order’s elite to recast the United States as a domestic police state, and a nation at perpetual war on behalf of transnational corporations and the Israeli Lobby.

As I have already said–forget it.  In capital letters.

Ms. Bosman also notes that Barr is attempting to co-opt Congressman Ron Paul’s constituency.  Reassuringly, the Times columnist notes the resentment of ex-Paul staffers and supporters, aimed at such a transparently fraudulent scheme being launched by the Libertarian Party and its dubious Presidential nominee.  That The New York Times honestly reports this development, suggests that Barr’s sleight-of-hand with the American Right specifically, and the voting public generally, will mercifully crash land well before becoming airborne this fall. 

American Patriots, Constitutionalists, and Paleo-Conservatives are then left with one of three (3) choices going into November of 2008.

The first option is not to vote.  There is a compelling rationale behind this argument, namely to delegitimize a corrupt process firmly in the control of a well-financed, evil cabal, right down to the Diebold electronic voting machines and a sockpuppet news media parroting the line of the Masters of the Masses.  The libertarian web site LewRockwell.com has occasionally run well honed essays promoting this viable choice.

The second option materializes only if Congressman Ron Paul decides to launch his own 3rd party effort after the Republican National Convention is over.  Paul’s assets are his ideological principles, a loyal grassroots constituency, and a higher degree of name recognition than would have been the case a year ago.  His liabilities include a less than effective communication style and bearing than one would like in a Presidential candidate in this media driven age, and the age-old problems confronting any 3rd party effort–money, ballot access, and media coverage.

There is a third option.  This involves casting a vote for Pastor Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution PartyI have endorsed Baldwin, on the basis of his ideological consistency and personal integrity, and also out of loyalty to my old friends in the Constitution Party.  Baldwin has already served the American Republic well by keeping Zionist shill Alan Keyes from taking over the 16 year old party founded by Howard Phillips in 1992.    If the Pensacola-based Baptist clergyman is to move his Party into better electoral results and the subsequent credibility such results would bring, he must prove to be a much better guerrilla political strategist and campaigner than his well meaning predecessors have been.  My advice to 2004 Constitution Party candidate Michael Peroutka, still available at Dave Black On-Line, holds true today for Chuck Baldwin.  He must pursue my Trinity Strategy with a vengeance, while targeting key swing states in a close election between the major party candidates.  If he manages this, his candidacy and the fate of his party might become exhiliratingly airborne like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  If he fails, the Constitution Party will be consigned to the trash heap of history in the final days of the American Republic.

Finally, perhaps my friend Peter Phillips of Sonoma State University and Project Censored might have some thoughts on why The New York Times is willing to give Bob Barr and the Libertarians front page coverage, while ignoring Chuck Baldwin and his Constitution Party.  It may be more than a coincidence that the Georgia-based Congressman is an ex-operative of the Central Intelligence Agency, or that he is now associated with Dallas-based and H. Ross Perot-linked political consultant Russell Verney.  American Patriots may be interested in searching out these links and money trails in the days ahead–to see where they lead and what they mean.

Mark Dankof’s Republic Broadcasting Network radio show is heard around the world on Sunday mornings, 7-9 am Central time.  He is a contributor to the Washington-based American Free Press and serves as pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Antonio.


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