First Steps in Reducing the Deficit and Bringing Down the High Cost Of Corrupt Government

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I get emails from people almost every day asking me how I think we could reduce the deficit, and in turn reduce the national debt.  I’ve thought about this alot and here is where I think we should start:

1.  End all C.O.L.A. raises for federal employees of any kind.  Put them on a merit system…..you don’t work efficiently and produce accordingly…….you don’t profit! Keep in mind that the Federal government is now the single largest employer in the U.S> 

2.  End all Golden Fleece medical insurance programs for congress.  These people make enough each year to well afford to pay for their own insurance…….after all….they claim that people making minimum wage should be able to afford it.

3.  Reduce the massive and excessive White House Staff.

4.  End limo services, private planes and jets, and their maintenance costs including personnel costs.  Anyone who believes they are so important they must have these services obviously have the funds to afford them, themselves.

5.  End the retirement plan for congress.  There is no reason congress should be afforded retirement packages at taxpayer expense.  Again, they make enough to provide retirement for themselves. The idea that a representative or senator is still eligible for retirement payments even if they are charged with a crime or corruption is so incredible I can hardly stand it.  And why should their spouses be paid 2/3 of that amount just because they were married to them?  Can you imagine your employer paying your spouse a retirement payment just becasue you worked for them?  I thought not.

6.  End “Entertainment” expenses for congress.  No one pays for your entertainment, do they?  They can entertain in those offices we pay for.

7.  End corporate subsidies.

8.  Cut budgets to all Federal agenices by 10% off the top, and eliminate overstaffing.

9.  Discontinue the funding to the 11 Federal agencies that use unsupported (made up) documentation to cover the disappearance of funds.  Start with the Pentagon which has lost 2.7 trillion so far this year and doesn’t know where it went.

10. End congress’s ability to vote itself raises whenever it chooses to.  Make all raises subject to voter referendum.

These are my top ten.  I believe in starting at the top when trying to correct a problem.  The people at the top are the decision makers, the law givers, the political royalty who have come to think that the American people should afford them a lifestyle they firmly believe they are entitled to.  I don’t believe they are.

These ten items, if implemented could save the US taxpayer a billion or so each year.  It might also make those gods and goddesses in D.C. rethink their oaths of office and work a little harder for the American people rather than against them.

In all likelyhood, implementing these ideas would probably result in a mass exit from political office as one politician after another declared that he/she needed to spend more time with their families.  These would be the same families who are provided special accomodations in our capital so that they can visit with the “working” politician.  Does your employer provide accomodations for your family to visit you while you work?  I didn’t think so. 

These are just my thoughts.  Let me know yours.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008

What the Second Amendment Really Means – And What the Supreme Court Really Means


Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment – the first of its kind in our history – has been hailed in the corporate media as a “victory” for the Second Amendment and its defenders. It is anything but. In fact, it is a resounding defeat of our constitutionally gauranteed right to defend our lives and liberty from an increasingly despotic government.

When the founders wrote the Second Amendment, their intent was clear: in order that we, the people, may be able to ensure the future of our liberty, we must have the means to defend our most basic and fundamental of all rights: the right to life.

Much obfuscatory ado has been made about the language of the amendment being “confusing,” and to the majority of today’s dumbed down public, it probably is. However, for anyone with the ability to think critically, the language is clear enough. The main point of the amendment is stated quite clearly in its second clause, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The preceding verbiage is really irrelevant to an understanding of what the amendment says.

One has only to consider that the Constitution was written, not to grant rights to the people and the states, nor to enumerate all of those rights, but to spell out the limitations of the government’s powers. It does so by clearly listing several existing rights that were recognized by the founders as necessary conditions of human life and that, among these is the right to keep and bear arms. Once one understands the purpose of the document, its “interpretation” is no mystery at all: the government cannot, under any circumstances, infringe upon the rights outlined and those left open to us by the Tenth Amendment.

By merely “considering” the Second Amendment and ruling on it, the Supreme Court has violated the very spirit, if not the exact letter of the Constitution, itself. The Constitution is the founding document of our nation, the only written guarantee we have of our freedom in the face of a corrupt and tyrannical government. For the Supreme Court to even assume that it has the power to revise, alter, or even reconsider what the Constitution says is, on its face, an act of high treason. By doing so, they have said, in effect, that the Constitution is null and void and that they will tell us what the law is.

The Supreme Court is not the law of the land – the Constitution is. It was intended to be followed to the letter, used as a guide by the court to determine whether any law or action is allowed or disallowed by the Constitution. That is the sole duty and responsibility of the Supreme Court and its own powers are also limited by the Constitution.

Having said all that, there is no way this “decision” – made in smoke filled corporate boardrooms, the White House and Congress and then handed down to the court as its instructions – is in any way a “victory” for the people. The actual language used by the court in rendering its opinion says that, while it acknowledges the people do have an individual right to own firearms, the court has added the terms, “within reasonable limitations.”

Let that sink in for a moment. What this really means is that, yes, you do have the right to own a gun, but the government will tell you under what conditions you can own and use it. It does nothing to strike down the existing plethora of gun control laws that have been accumulating on the books since 1933, and because it doesn’t, it also doesn’t really strike down the so-called D.C. handgun ban, as the media would have us believe. Think about it. If they have left the door open for further regulation, then the ban – being regulation, itself – does not “infringe” on your Second Amendment right, according to the Supreme Court’s twisted logic.

In other words, now that they have told us that further regulation of gun ownership is part of what the Second Amendment really means, then, by their interpretation, further regulation of any kind and to any extent or degree they choose to force upon us will be perfectly “constitutional.” After all, the Supreme Court has said so and who are we to question its infinite wisdom?

So, the end result of this devastating ruling is that, not only will our fundamental right to defend ourselves continue to be whittled away until it no longer is recognized at all, but so will all the other rights our constitution protects, now that the legal precedent has been set to allow the Supreme Court to dictate to us what the Constitution really means.

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