Why We Never, Ever Fix What’s Really Broken

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Many of us sit in stunned silence as our congress makes one unconstitutional decision after another.  Some of us are so incensed at what is happening in our government that we can barely contain ourselves.  What we all appear to have in common is the constant wondering of why nothing ever gets fixed?  Why is the answer to everything always wrapped up in the flag but ends up being an assault not only on our senses, but more importantly on our rights and freedoms and our quality of life?

Immigration is such a great example.  We have law after law, after law concerning immigration, how it is to be handled and what is or is not to be tolerated.  For some reason our government not only seems unable and unwilling to enforce our laws, but also acts against the majority of the American public by endlessly trying to pass amnesty legislation, or to curtail the lawful ability of local law enforcement to curtail illegal immigration in lieu of a Federal response.  The U.S. Code which dictates who is to enforce these laws (the Attorney General) and also what that person is obligated to do to protect us from exactly this type of invasion is a perfect example of a political appointee, charged with a specific duty…..who isn’t doing his job and has no intentions of doing his job.  But he still has the job. Go figure!

Instead, Homeland Security, this monstrous collection of unregulated, uncontrollable bureaucracies appears to be usurping the AG.  Not that it matters, the AG isn’t doing his job anyway.  What congress should do is to impeach the AG for dereliction of duties, smack down Chertof and his band merry of thugs, and direct their attention to enforcement of the laws rather than trying to change them to suit their own personal interests.  The immigration system is not broken as we are told.  It is simply not enforced.  Lack of enforcement is not the same as “broken”. 

Why are so many people unable to afford healthcare?  If you think the answer is in universal healthcare, you’re only partly right.  What congress should be doing here is regulating the pharmaceuticals and penalizing them for throwing lethal medications onto the market at grossly inflated prices while they have them manufactured in China.  China!! For god’s sake!  But instead of going after these companies and making them bring their prices down to a fair market value, congress passed a no-negotiation medicare bill that allows these same companies to charge exhorbitantly high prices. We also give them dollar for dollar tax credits for research and developement, allow them to infiltrate the FDA and finance their own product approval and congress even set up a taxpayer funded “Vaccine Liability Fund” so that big pharma can escape any liability for the deaths or diseases caused by their toxic concotions.

Congress should also be reigning in the insurance industry and mandating that they make good on the policies that they sell.  As it is, Insurance companies sell policies they have no intentions of honoring unless forced to.  Risk assessments, exclusions, black lists, are all used to sell policies that are worth virtually nothing.  Once the national DNA database is up and rolling, insurance will be able to access the PROMIS software used to merge data bases through paid for “backdoors” to illegally and secretly gain information about your DNA to determine if they will insure you or not. 

(As it is, the military is now using this same back door to deny benefits to personnel who suffer injuries such as blood clots in the legs that results from the job they were doing,  claiming that they had the genetic tendency for the clots anyway…so they aren’t responsible.)

So what is congress doing about this?  Well, they didn’t even mention the parasitic nature of insurance companies, the breach of contract that results when they spend three times the amount of the claims in trying to deny them.  They didn’t discuss the exclusions, riders, risk assessments, or the surreptitious gathering of personal information about prospective clients.  Nope.  Instead they talk about “Universal Healthcare”.  What this means is that insurance, big pharma, and many in the medical industry will continue to rape the public while delivering fewer and fewer products and services while at the same time raising their prices.  It has become glaringly apparent that profits at the expense of human beings is to be guarded at all costs.  

Here’s the point:  We can’t fix anything if we continue to allow everything to spiral out of control intentionally.  Instead of waiting until things are out of control and then coming up with some intended solution that only benefits those responsible, while simultaneoulsy penalizing those victimized by these economic parasites, nothing will ever improve.  You can’t fix anything by attacking the symptoms that result from an institutional problem.   That’s why nothing ever gets fixed regardless of what it is.  We never try to fix the CAUSE of the problem….we just wait until the problem is allowed to reach catastrophic proportions and then do the exact opposite of what needs to be done or what should have been done to avoid the problem altogether.

In the end, what we will get in each and every situation addressed by congress is not the logical and beneficial things that should happen, but rather, what those behind the scenes decided would benefit them.  And congress, like the sniveling, spineless cowards they have morphed into will go along with program.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008



The Rockefeller File…….An online book.

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The Rockefeller File

by Gary Allen


                          Table of Contents                               

                                                 1 – The Multi-Billion Dollar Myth

                                                 2 – The Saintly Sinner                                                             

                                                 3 – The Family That Preys Together

                                                 4 – Profit x Philanthropy = Power

                                                 5 – Yes, Virginia, There Is An Establishment

                                                 6 – The Rockefeller Mediacracy

                                                 7 – Surrender By Consent

                                                  8 – Surrender By Conquest

                                                  9 – Building The Big Red Machine

                                                10 – The People Planners

                                                11 – The Great Energy Swindle

                                                12 – The Eternal Power Behind The Throne

                                                13 – Was Nixon Watergated?





Canadian Parliament talks about 9/11 truth.

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Tired of the endless censorship of

the real 9/11 story?


It doesn’t seem to matter.


In spite of a near total media black out the message spreads…this time to Canada’s parliament:




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