The Case for Outlawing Presidential Advisers

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Since the days when “Colonel” Edward Mandell House and Bernard Baruch whispered into Woodrow Wilson’s ear what to do, we have had presidential “advisers.” Both House and Baruch, of course, were founding members of the Council on Foreign Relations and, in turn, took their marching orders from the Royal Institute of International Affairs – the body set up by Cecil Rhodes, whose objective it was to expand the British Empire globally. Once the CFR had been established by the RIIA, thus was born the Anglo-American Establishment’s principle arm in the United States.

Both Baruch and House were the principle architects of WWI, as well the Bolshevik Revolution, which created the Soviet Union and lead to the spread of communism and the murder of over 150 million people during the last century, as well as the architects of the Federal Reserve, a private bank in the hands of monopolistic robber barons like themselves, and our federal income tax, which has robbed the American people of untold wealth for three or four generations.

Baruch went on to be a presidential adviser to FDR (when he was a member of Roosevelt’s so-called “Brain Trust”) and also became an unelected official of our government (helped form the National Recovery Act program during FDR’s administration and served as U.S. Representative to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission under president Truman) and influenced the decisions of not only Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman, but also “advised” Winston Churchill before and after he became Britain’s Prime Minister. It was Baruch who “suggested the elimination of nuclear weapons after implementation of a system of international controls, inspections, and punishment for violations,” all while acting as an unelected official of our government. Not only did Baruch influence the leaders of the United States and Britain, he also served in the same capacity to Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the U.S.S.R. It was the Acheson-Lilienthal plan, authored by Baruch and David Lilienthal, that precipitated the gradual nuclear disarmament of the United States.

Since the days of Bernard Baruch, which ended with his death in 1965, we have had other influential men from the CFR guiding our nation’s course from behind the scenes, including Henry Kissinger and Zibignew Brezinski, who not only advised (respectively) Nixon and Carter, but Brezinski now stands ready to be the real power behind Barrack Obama’s throne. Brezinski, who was the creator of Al Qaeda via the creation of the mujahideen “freedom fighters” of the Reagan era, is the author of The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives, an arrogant tome in which Brezinski laid out the doctrine for the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) – the doctrine which created the false-flag attacks of 9/11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and which now threatens to not only establish yet another profitable war in Iran, but a global police state enveloping what remains of our republic. Both Kissinger and Brezinski are the authors of the global depopulation program to wipe out all “useless eaters.”

Given all this indisputable evidence of arrogance, corruption, deceit and criminality, how can we allow yet another United States presidential administration to fall into the hands of the CFR via the likes of such men? It is imperative that we, the people, enact measures immediately to remove these parasitic vultures from our government – along with all the corrupt and Machiavellian “institutions” they have created over the course of a century (i.e., the Federal Reserve, the income tax, etc.) – and make absolutely certain that no one can ever again assume such powers as these people have taken for themselves at our great expense. It must become a law that no presidential advisory positions of any kind may be allowed to operate anywhere within or behind the scenes of our government at any level. This, more than anything else, will restore our constitutional republic.

What Else do You Need For Proof?

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Today, while warnings continue regarding the breaching of levee’s in at least 37 different locations along the Mississippi and affecting several states, congress took it upon itself to pass the FISA bill allowing the spy agencies to spy without warrant or reason on any American citizen.  I not only question the constitutional legality of this law, but also, the timing of its passage. 

While the Midwest sinks under water and the agricultural heartland of the country is declared a national disaster, congress could only muster enough interest to pass yet another invasive and intrusive law guaranteed to give the federal government and all its spy agencies the right to declare a surveillance war on the people of the United States.  And like the compliant sheeple we have become, few of us will complain.  After all, we have to be tough on those terrorists.

The neo-con snarks that operate inside the beltway are declaring some kind of victory over grassroots movements who aggressively opposed the communistic FISA bill.  Obviously, some people are just so clueless that it never occurs to them that they will be spyed on too.  They don’t worry though, because they haven’t done anything wrong so they don’t mind having their privacy invaded or their rights erroded.  Personally, it is exactly because I haven’t done anything wrong that I do mind. 

And while this victory dance by neo-cons continues, thousands of acres of grain crops are being washed away and people in those areas are scrambling to save what they can of personal possessions before the water takes even those and makes their homes uninhabitable. 

Considering this nightmare and the coming impact on food supplies that will result…..wouldn’t you have thought that our congress would have been focused on the long term affects?  Maybe instead of passing legislation that is so Anti-American and giving the New World Order another open door to step through…….maybe they might have spent their time more affectively, more beneficially by trying to secure food that is going to be in short supply as a result of these floods?  But, no.  It is apparently far more important to pass legislation against America’s people than it is to prepare for a food shortage to make sure they can eat.

Maybe another line they could have pursued is why billions have been dumped into the Army Corps of Engineers over the years, and yet these levee’s are failing.  Our infrastructure is allowed to deteriorate to the point where privatization seems the only way out.  In order to make this appealing, the infrastructure must be allowed not only to deteriorate, but also to devolve into such a state of disrepair, to become such a threat to the survival of the population that people are begging for help and will take it from where ever it seems to be coming from.  This is especially effective when those begging to be helped are swimming past their homes. 

Maybe instead of spending billions and billions on unwinnable wars of aggression, or subsidizing and crediting huge oil cartels for raping the American public, or giving tax cuts to people that are obscenely wealthy and who have no allegiance or loyalty to this country……maybe congress could have spent some time on figuring out how to shore up our infrastructure.  But doing that might have presented a future obstacle to selling off sovereign land and constructed infrastructure to foreign corporations and investors and private investors here at home.

So the Midwest floods and drowns and floats away along with future food sources and congress fiddles while the water rises.  If today in congress did not give you the proof you need that our government on almost all levels is dysfunctional and no longer concerned with those it is supposed to represent, I don’t know what will. 

Congress has asked for 200 billion for flood damage costs.  How nice.  Another 200 billion on top of the 10 trillion we already have in national debt…….and where will this money be borrowed from?  And what will the government use as collateral on this new debt?  The land that is currently under water? 

The floods are a national disaster for many reasons, but congress is also a national disaster that needs tending to.  These people have to go.  We need to implement term limits for all elected officials and appointee’s.  That would include the court appointee’s right up and through the Supremes.  No one in our government should be allowed to make a career out of politics.  It’s not conducive to good government. 

My heart goes out to my neighbors and friends and family here in the Midwest who are losing everything in these floods.  I just think its unfortunate that the Potomac doesn’t do us all a favor and breach its banks. 

Marti Oakley (c)2008   

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