Headlined on 6/16/08:
It’s time to sue Congress

by Kathryn Smith     


If they won’t impeach a man who has violated more than 900 laws, failed Katrina victims and actively intercepted the delivery of aid to their area (treason), ignored pre-911 intelligence, kidnapped and tortured detainees and children as young as ten years old, endangered Valerie Plame’s life with the leak of her name, etc….then it’s time for us to sue Congress.

With the planned strike on Iran, even more lives hang in the balance for the sake of a lie.

.It’s time for us to file wrongful death lawsuits!

.It’s time for us to file lawsuits for undue emotional distress!

.It’s time for us to tell Congress, in no uncertain terms, that we will replace every single one of those who refuses to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution…for whatever “reason” they may assert.

Let’s take our power back! Let’s give it to them where it counts…in the pocketbook!

Let’s get chain emails going to expose the corrupt voting record of individual Congress members. Let’s post those facts to the Internet, in record numbers! Let’s write College newsletter editors and underground media, to make sure word gets out, to expose Congress’s voting records (and how corrupt they are!) Let’s dial in to radio talk shows…

Dynamo, let’s go! We DO have power to get these people out of office. Then we will feel Encouraged again, not Discouraged…after the traitors have been ousted.


Publicize this question:
“Congress, must the system of checks and balances come from overseas?”

Now let me make this very clear. I am not asking anyone to quote me as having coined that question. PLEASE! I need no recognition and neither do I even want any. THis is about the cause itself! PLease spread word!

Thank you.

Take action — click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
Please expose voting record of YOUR congressperson