Apathy and Greed Fuel Food Crisis

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by Jim Goodman




We seldom think about the availability of food. As a nation we have never been hungry and until recently food shortages always happened somewhere else. Still, we have little connection to the farm, most of us don’t know where our food comes from and we couldn’t care less. Some farmers are still small, growing and selling locally, but the big guys need GPS in the tractor and constant commodity updates as they contemplate planting more soy in Brazil or an investment in a Polish hog factory.

That’s a problem, our food system has gone global. Food is no longer food in the sense of “let’s sit down to supper,” food is an international commodity. It is viewed in strict economic terms both by the shopper looking for bargains at the supermarket and the stock traders who deal in pork bellies, unit trains of corn and cargo ships full of GM soy. 

Commodities are fine in the financial world, but they have no place in our bellies. Wall Street couldn’t care less how many varieties of corn are cultivated in Mexico or Guatemala or for how many thousands of years it provided both physical and spiritual sustenance.The fact that we place little value on our food, or that it no longer gives us the sense of home and community that it once did, goes to the heart of the problem. We have lost control of our food system, as consumers and as farmers. So? Since we still have plenty of food and most of us can still afford it, the current rise in food prices is little more than an inconvenience. Well perhaps, if you have money.

We don’t like to think about the nearly 50,000 people who, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, die every day world-wide from starvation or malnutrition-related diseases. Pictures of emaciated children make us very uncomfortable, but so long as we are not part of those pictures we can pretend the problem doesn’t exist. But, the problem does exist, people cannot afford to eat. The image of Haitians eating cakes made of oil, sugar and mud in an attempt to stave off hunger pangs has to tell us something is terribly wrong.

Food shortages, high prices, corn ethanol, drought, together creating the “perfect storm”? It’s more than that, this food crisis points to a system in meltdown. In a world controlled by corporations, only one thing matters, profit, not ethics, not the environment, not food sovereignty, not even starvation. If you have money you matter, if you are poor you don’t.

While the price of bread and rice forces the poor to eat mud, could a butter shortage in Japan or a shortage of rye flour in the US, however inconsequential, cause even the rich to ask some questions about their food? Who could pass up beef tenderloin selling for $4.99/lb? A bargain, yet, how can it happen, what’s the hidden cost? Record high feed costs are forcing farmers to sell off their breeding stock, which means cheap tenderloin today and expensive burger tomorrow. We never question bargains, but we should.

Our apathy about our food, where it was grown, who grew it, what’s been added to it, is an open invitation for corporate interests to take control. We handed them the keys to the pantry and told them to make their profits however they wished.

Fuel shortages and high energy prices do not surprise us, why should food shortages and high food prices? The parallels are precise and exact. When we allow corporations to control entire systems they determine the source, supply and price.

It’s time we took control of our food system. Started producing more food locally, planted a garden again. Time we found the nearest Farmers Market. Time we started thinking about food in the big picture rather than whatever happens to be on our plate at the moment. Time we scrapped this corn ethanol nonsense. In sum, we need to reclaim our food system from the speculators, the corporations and the international financial institutions that pressure farmers to grow commodities instead of food.

And, what would it take for us to overcome our apathy towards food? No more pastrami on rye, no more butter? We seem oblivious to the 800 million people at risk of starvation, could a scarcity of our luxuries wake us up? We assume that the food we need and the food we love will always be available but, maybe it won’t.





Copyright 2008, Jim Goodman

Original posting at OpEdNews



There Will Be No Change…..from either McCain or Obama

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I am one of those individuals who held out hope that some stellar individual would step out of the masses and run for president of the United States.  Although Ron Paul remains a constant threat to the status quo, both political party’s would rather see him dead than on a ballot.  Ron Paul represents the greatest threat to the globalists who control both major parties.

Thinking that this would be the election cycle of the century, the one that would produce a viable third party and break the monopolizing death grip the Republicans and Democrats have wielded for far too long, I realized with much disallusionment that there never was or is any intent to actually start a third party. All this was, was the dangling of the perverbial carrot in front of people who are so desperate for change that even the slimmest hope was enough to keep us distracted. 

So entrenched is the power within the current political establishment; so total is the control of the national and local media on all levels that even CNN reported more than a month ago that Ron Paul had supposedly dropped out.  He hasn’t.  He didn’t.  But, I have to wonder why if he was earnest in his efforts, he didn’t run independent of any political party..especially the Republican/neo-con faction that has orchestrated so much corruption and been so willing to dismantle our Republic for the almighty buck.  Paul had to have known that McCain was going to be the nominee even if the power brokers in the Republican party had to hack more votes and fraud the system yet again to get him in there.  Why would he have run in a party that he knew would never support him?  That bugs me. 

We have no viable third party, and what we are left with is the McCain’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s, not one of which will make one move not approved by the globalists.  With Clinton announcing she will suspend or end her campaign, we are left with two men who both belong to the CFR….one of the most Un-American groups ever assembled, and no hope for the future of our country.  The selling out, the selling off, the dismantling of our Constitition, the bastardization of our laws, the creation of monstrous bureacracies, the illegal trade agreements, the corporatization of our government and country will continue unabated.  Neither of the two remaining contenders for the presidency will do anything more than continue the process started under Reagan and complete the Project for the New American Century as envisioned by the likes of Dick Cheney. 

We needed a third party.  We needed to break the death grip of the globalists, the New World Order advocates and start the process of returning our nation to its former great status.  Republicans? Democrats?  All the same bunch!  As bad as the 108th and 109th congresses were ( and they were appallingly terrible) the 110th is by far the worst and will be remembered most for its betrayal of the American people.  Their refusal to impeach an incredibly corrupt administration; their insistence in trying to pass amnesty for illegal aliens against the will of the majority of citizens; their refusal to repeal the horrendous rights robbing legislative acts of the last seven years or to even secure our borders against further illegal invasion is just the tip of the iceberg.  The collusion with the neo-cons becomes more apparent with each passing day.  Right or left, conservative or liberal only applies to those of us out here who still think these labels actually mean anything to those in power. 

The failure of a third party to materialize leaves us with little to choose from in November.  We have McCain on the “right” who advocates another 100 years of war, and who seems to have become somewhat maniacal in his demeanor as the election draws near.  Each time I see this man his apparent mental instability seems to have worsened.  Apparently what he covets is close to becoming a reality in his mind and it seems to be pushing him over the edge.  But, McCain has signaled the neo-cons that he’s their boy and will continue their plans for war and plunder and the destruction of the sovereign United States.  In my opinion, with only one third of Republicans actually supporting this man, if he “wins” the November election we need to smash every electronic voting machine we can find.  We should anyway.

On the “left” we have Obama.  Young by standards, inexperienced, but very charismatic.  Like all politicians he is promising things he knows he can’t or won’t deliver on.  But it all sounds really good doesn’t it?  What will happen to Obama will be the same thing that happened to all those newly elected Democrats in 2006.  He will go to Washington DC on a mission……and get soundly silenced and rendered ineffective by the global elitists and corporate thugs that control everything in what is supposed to be our government.

The excuse I hear people giving for why we can’t have a third party is that then no candidate would get a majority of the votes.  None of them do anyway as only about 60% of eligible voters bother to vote.   That means that a 51% voter margin actually represents only about 30% of eligible voters……hardly a win or a mandate.  Throw in a Ron Paul and we could effectively vote in a president on as little as 15% of the eligible vote…….of course it wouldn’t be him. 

Regardless, don’t look for any monumental change in anything in government unless it is its ever expanding and self empowering size.  Neither remaining candidate will have the power or the will to stop the train wreck that is the US Corporate government. 

We needed a viable third party……and it should have been us. 

Marti Oakley   (c)2008


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