I wrote this article just over a year ago.  I have updated the article to reflect the state of current events.  What may have seemed to be unrelated observations at that time now seem to be coalescing into what appears to be a staged pandemic.  Marti


Original PPJG article:  Originally written and posted in May of 2008 

Author: Marti Oakley (c) 2008-2009mercurydees






It’s the perfect cover:  terrorize the public with the threat of a new disease, a coming pandemic and then magically produce a “vaccine” that will supposedly provide protection.  And isn’t this exactly where we are now?

My advice to all is to avoid any vaccines.  Although the perceived benefits of vaccinating against disease is firmly rooted in our minds, the facts about vaccines, their true uses and intents is far from beneficial and in fact actually the mechanism through which new diseases and pandemics are created.

The AIDs virus which has long been believed to have been lab created, is another of those pandemics meant to wipe out, in this case, what was perceived to be a segment of society that was and still is considered expendable.  HR 15090 that became Public Law 91-213 established the intent of our own government to produce a genocidal virus which in this specific instance was meant to wipe out the gay/lesbian communities.  It had one other intent…….to depopulate Africa.  The AIDS epidemic surfaced almost simultaneously in both Manhattan, New York, and in sections of Africa where our government was busily vaccinating selected populations against various common infections. 

It is estimated that by 2025 80% of all indigenous populations currently on the African continent will be dead from HIV.  70% of all newborns are already infected.  We are watching the slow death and agony of a nation, a slow genocide delivered to a nation under the guise of humanitarian aid. 

What is startling is to find that not only was AIDS intentionally created, but that a patent for the cure for HIV/AIDS was issued in 1997.  Patent # 5676977 is for TETRASIL.   HIV/AIDS was developed with funding and direction under the US Special Viruses Programs that operated under that name from 1948-78.  Of course now the program name has been changed to protect the project.

$10 million was paid to MERCK to develope the virus in the early 50’s, which is the recombinant DNA virus using mycoplasma (a six-sided synthetic biological agent) and inserting it through a process called “viral insertion” into a selected “candidate human virus”.  The result is a new virus.  The intent was to create a virus for which the human body had no natural defenses.  During this time George W. Merck was the American Biological Weapons Industry Director. 

Viral insertion has been used to create HIV/AIDS, and also SARS among other diseases.  During the 50’s also, Merck tested the SV40 vaccine on the Russians.  SV40 is a cancer producing virus.  The vaccine produced and used to supposedly treat Yellow Fever, contained a virus that produced leukemia.  As recently as the 80’s, gay men who received vaccines for Hepatitis A & B were also given the HIV/AIDS virus laced into the vaccine.

In the last few years we have seen outbreaks in mutant strains of the common cold occuring at the same time on opposite coasts and which caused the death of at least one newly recruited Air Force cadet. Remember that the Department of Defense has declared itself able to test any biological weapon on any military person or civilian, even citing specifically women and minorities, without informed consent.  They simply have to claim it is for “national security” that the testing was done and everyone of these enemies of humanity are immune from any consequences for their actions.

MRSA a staph infection, that for some reason showed up in locker rooms of high schools simultaneously in different areas of the country, seemed not to elicit any concern either from the government or the public other than a few sound bytes on MSM.  

Although AIDS has been by far the most successful attempt at scientific genocide, or creation of a pandemic, other efforts have been afoot including the attempts to set SARS on a killing path or to create a pandemic out of flu strains.  The alternative plan is to VACCINATE the population.  Under the guise of preventing infection, many of us will be given vaccines that contain lethal cocktails of diseases and viruses.  This is plan B.  If plan A doesn’t work and lab created sickness does not kill off a fair number of us, the forced vaccinations will do the job. 

The recent promotion of the Gardasil vaccine in which the FDA was found to have known for more than four years there was no connection to the Human Pampaloma Virus and cervical cancer prior to approving it, should have been reason enough to have this “vaccine” removed from public use.  As the evidence mounts concerning sudden deaths from the vaccine, paralysis, seizures, rashes, flu like symptoms and infertility and miscarriage are reported, the ads continue with their slogan “I’m one less”.  One less what?  One less girl that will be able to have children? 

Our government is busy stockpiling vaccines they say will be needed, but this just begs the question: “How do you know what’s coming?”   They know because they have created it. 

Marti Oakley (c)2008


During the Bush Crime Administration, Tamiflu was ordered into production for a flu that was supposedly non-esixstent and unknown at the time. 

More than 120 bioweapons labs are in full operations across the country including on the campuses of major universities.  Supposedly these are part of the BioSheild  project; a plan claimed to help sheild the country from bio attacks from foreign agents.  And yet, these labs create and develope previously unknown combinations of viruses;  for what purpose?


Please!  Go to this site and view the video interviews there with the scientist who developed AIDS.  This is a must read and see site for those looking for answers.



“Merk drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses
This stunning censored interview conducted by medical historian Edward Shorter for WGBH public television (Boston) and Blackwell Science was cut from The Health Century due to its huge liability–the admission that Merck drug company vaccines have traditionally been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) in people worldwide.

This segment of In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, produced and freely contributed by consumer protector and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, features the world’s leading vaccine expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who explains why Merck’s vaccines have spread AIDS, leukemia, and other horrific plagues worldwide.”

 “Dr. Hilleman also acknowledged that he discovered that the Sabine polio vaccine (manufactured by Merck) was infected with the SV-40 cancer virus. In the process of developing vaccines Merck scientists are shown to blithely disregarded public safety as they conducted massive tests exposing millions of unsuspecting people to wild viruses. Dr. Hilleman acknowledged that the cancer infected polio vaccine had been tested in massive field trials in Russia, then in the U.S.”


Also check out   www.boydgraves.com   a scientist who has waged a one man war against the government regarding AIDS and has even taken his case to the Supreme Court No. 00-9587