I have wondered for some time what would make people put personal information, sometimes extremely personal information, onto the web.  When Facebook first appeared many people I knew jumped right on there, loading personal info, pictures, and other information about their daily lives or interests for all to see. 

As I suspected, Facebook is the number one source for data mining for the government.  Everything you post to Facebook and sites like them end up in dossiers on you….and I mean EVERYTHING. 

Now this same information is being used to construct what is to be called “Facebots”.  These will be little snoopers that will learn to recognize you, and who your friends are, and what your interests are, and what you are doing.  And you will never know they are there tracking your every move, every contact you make, and every keystroke on your computer.

Behind this effort is Microsoft/Bill Gates,  who has ready access to those in government and who regularly supplies and spies for them via his computer technologies companies.  Gates will be funding the research to develop these facebots.

My advice is, get off of Facebook or any other site like it and don’t sign up for any more.  It’s strange that most of us are smart enough not to give out personal info to potential scammers over our phones, but so many of us readily put so much personal information onto “social websites”.  

Marti Oakley

The Nation Technology  http://archive.gulfnews.com/articles/08/04/nation/index.html     

   UAE laboratory will help develop robots

By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief

Published: April 25, 2008, 00:45

Al Ain: Software giant Microsoft has selected a UAE research laboratory to help develop robots.

The Facebots project will be carried out at the Interactive Robots and Media Laboratory of the College of Information Technology at UAE University (UAEU).

Microsoft will provide funding for the research and the UAEU will be one of only eight institutions worldwide where the work is carried out, Dr Rafic Makki, Dean of the CIT, told Gulf News.

Two UAEU scientists, Dr Nikolaos Mavridis and Dr Tamer Rabie, will work on the project.

Facebots utilise social information published on FaceBook. They will know and recognise their human friends, and the friends of their friends, said the dean.