by Mark Dankof

Seymour Hersh’s exposé for The New Yorker


on the Pentagon’s usurpation of the CIA’s past turf in covert operations dovetails with two other recent pieces of analysis to produce a frightening picture of the American Empire’s latest moves against Iran–as well as against the Old Republic’s adherence to Constitutional standards regarding war making powers.


Hersh’s tome makes it clear that Bush’s Presidential finding of last summer, which authorized Defense Department covert operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), is explicitly designed to circumvent the Congressional legislation of the 1970s which required the CIA to inform House and Senate Intelligence Committees of secret offensive actions designed to destabilize targeted regimes. In the new mix, the Rumsfeld-Perle-Wolfowitz-Feith-Shulsky Defense Department can undertake the actions in question, minus the statutory requirements for formal notification of the relevant Hill Committees. In a rhetorical sleight-of-hand, the CIA’s “covert operations” will now be called “black reconnaissance” when undertaken by the Pentagon. The game being played is both evident and disturbing.



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