Five Reasons We can’t Win the War in Iraq.

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 April 20, 2008 – First released: March 4, 2006

Five reasons we can’t win the war in Iraq
by Leslie Davis and other sources

Iraq is a guerrilla war, yet for political purposes we are discouraged from calling it a guerrilla war, so the guerrillas are called “terrorists, criminals insurgents, and dead-enders.” By the way, an insurgent is a synonym for a guerrilla. There are few effective tools to fight a guerrilla war. You can’t defeat a guerrilla army by trying to destroy every man since he hides by day amongst the populace. Rather, in a guerrilla war the objective should be to erode or destroy his base of support. As long as there is support in the populace for the guerrilla, two will rise up to replace every one you kill. When precision guided bombs, raids, and other destructive acts are used, it creates casualties among the innocent populace, increases support for the guerrillas and undermines support for us. A 500 pound bomb has a killing radius of 1,300 feet (1/4 mile). Think about what happens to your credibility when you drop huge bombs on populated areas. Everyone hates you.

2. We have no idea what motivates the average Iraqi. American leaders went to war in Iraq with a fantasy that the natives would line the streets and pelt us with rose petals, and be eternally grateful for our attack on their country. At one time there may have been support and respect from the locals, but months of occupation by our military have turned the formerly friendly into the recently hostile. Attempts to correct the thinking in this regard are futile; it is not politically correct to point out that the locals dislike us more and more, and they are growing increasingly upset and overtly hostile. Instead of addressing the real reasons why the locals are becoming angry and discontented, politicians feed us canned reasons that do not reflect reality. We are told that the locals are not upset that a hostile, aggressive American army is occupying their country. We are told that they are not upset at the police state we have created, or at the manner of our picking their government representatives for them. Rather we are told, they are upset because a handful of terrorists, criminals and dead enders in their midst made them upset.

3. The guerrillas fill their losses faster than we can create them. This is almost always the case in guerrilla warfare, especially when your tactics are aimed at killing guerrillas instead of eroding their support. For every guerrilla we kill with a “smart bomb” we kill and maim many more innocent civilians and create rage and anger in the community. This rage and anger translates into more recruits for the guerrillas and less support for us. We have fallen victim to the body count mentality. We have shown a willingness to inflict civilian casualties as a necessity of war without realizing that these casualties create waves of hatred against us. These angry Iraqi citizens translate into more recruits and more support for the guerrilla army.

4. The guerrilla lines of supply and communication are much shorter than ours and much less vulnerable. We import everything we need; this costs lots of money and is dangerous. Whether we fly the supplies in or bring them by truck, they are vulnerable to attack, most especially those brought by truck. This increases the likelihood of the supplies being interrupted. Every bullet and bandage becomes infinitely more expensive. Conversely, the guerrillas live on top of their supplies and are showing every indication of developing very sophisticated networks for obtaining them. Further, they have the additional advantage of close support from family, friends and traditional religious networks.

5. We have consistently underestimated our opponents (a.k.a. the enemy) and his capabilities. We did it in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, and we are doing it in Iraq, Colombia and elsewhere. Our military leaders are not prepared to fight the type of guerrilla war we are facing in Iraq, and they are squandering the lives of our noble, honorable and valuable soldiers. Our tactics have not adjusted to the battlefield and we are falling behind. Meanwhile the enemy has updated his tactics and has shown a remarkable resiliency and adaptability.

Respectfully submitted in honor of our military.

Leslie Davis
U.S. Army veteran, businessman, 
candidate for Governor of Minnesota and
president of the Earth Protectors.


Speaker Pelosi Should Be Impeached

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We should have worked to have her removed from her office when she declared “impeachment is off the table” immediately after assuming the position of Speaker of the House.  This statement was made with the full knowledge that the newly acquired position she occupied was a direct result of the will of the voters to replace the corruption of not only the Republican majority, but also the administration and to impeach Bush and Cheney.  Princess Pelosi made her loyalties very clear, and they are not to the American people.

To add insult to injury, even after millions of American’s repeatedly stood up and demanded that there be no amnesty and that our laws be enforced, effectively preventing the passage of such odorous pieces of legislation such as the Dream Act ….which was a bitch slap to legal citizens….. not once, not twice, but three times at least, the Princess is continuing to work behind the scenes to produce yet another amnesty bill which she will try to ram through congress, due to come out early this summer.  Maybe she’s hard of hearing?  Maybe she can’t comprehend?  Maybe she really does think that what the American people want is not an issue she has to be bothered with. 

Now, Her Royal Hiney is working on a 178 billion dollar package to continue to fund the war in Iraq.  Where, one might ask, does the Princess think she is going to find another $178 billion?  We’ve already borrowed so much from China that they actually own us, and Japan is running a close second.  Revenues are way down from taxes as so many have lost their jobs, their homes, and their quality of life. 

The federal government contiinues to raid the Social Security surplus to pay its operating expenses and to cover the loss of revenues from the tax cuts to the wealthiest people, and the cost of illegal immigrants to the federal government jumped up to 240 billion for 2007.  These two issues alone have bankrupted our country, and this does not include the state by state costs, deficits and resulting debts accrued.  Now add the cost of this illegal war to all of these things.  We are in effect…….not only bankrupt but totally insolvent as a nation.  We can’t even pay the service debt on all the money we have borrowed. But the Princess wants to create another 178 billion dollar debt (this doesn’t include interest, fees, penalties, or other hidden costs) to continue to fund an unwinnable war that the American people have made very clear they want stopped.

I have a plan:

Until congress, the administration and its cohorts in crime work for the American people rather than against them, I believe all of their assets both liquid and invested, including homes, businesses, savings, assets from any source whatsoever, including all the personal funds that they are stashing away in foreign currencies and investments, should be seized and used to pay back these monstrous debts that they have created and claimed that we, the American citizen are responsible for.  Maybe if they have to pay the bill for the money they have spent against our wishes, they might stop squandering it. 

I think we should start with Princess Pelosi.  First, she needs to be dethroned.  Then, all of her ill gotten gains seized and applied to the debt she has helped to create.  Once she is homeless, without any resources, with no political power, she may have an epiphany. 

Ultimately, Pelosi is only one piece of the problem.  Maybe its time we citizens think over the idea that congress is no longer representative of the people.  Maybe its time we end congress.  Having ceded so much of its power and authority to the executive branch, congress has ceased to be a needed branch of government.  God knows congress doesn’t work for the people, opting instead to protect the corporatization of our government and country and actively working to protect those interests rather than those of the people who elected them.  Think of the money that could be saved by ridding our selves of this monumental siphon on the public treasury. 

Think of it as good business practices.  No other corporation would tolerate the inactivity, the bad business decisions, the poor financial practices, or the ignoring of those invested in the corporation.  Our government is in effect, a corporation and if this is how they want to operate, then as investers in that corporation we have a right to call a meeting and demand an accounting,  and a voice in structure and board members. 

Maybe if we start by removing Pelosi from the board of directors which is commonly called “congress”, other board members will get the message.  Maybe not.  But it would sure be a fine start in the right direction.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008





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