Coalition To Block The North American Union

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News Conference in New Orleans

Coalition Leadership Challenges

Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Meeting in New Orleans


New Orleans, Louisiana – Prominent public policy activists opposing a North American Union (NAU) among the United States, Canada, and Mexico will challenge President Bush’s avowed intention to economically integrate the three countries when Mr. Bush meets in New Orleans on April 21 and 22 with the heads of Mexico and Canada.


Event:  News Conference to challenge the closed door summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America, being conducted by President George Bush of the United States with Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico.


Date and Time:  Monday, April 21, 2008 at 11 A.M.


Location: New Orleans Marriott Hotel, 555 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130


Sponsor: Coalition to Block the North American Union



        Howard Phillips, Chairman

        Fred Kelly Grant, President, Stewards of the Range

        John McManus, President, The John Birch Society

        Ralph Nader, 2008 Presidential Candidate (invited)

        Richard Norman, President, The Richard Norman Company



        Dr. Pat Choate, 1996 Vice Presidential Candidate

        Tom DeWeese, President, American Policy Center

        Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party

        Congressman Virgil Goode, Jr. (Virginia)

        James P. Hoffa, General President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

        Thomas Kilgannon, President, Freedom Alliance

        Congressman Ron Paul (Texas)

        Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

        Congressman Thomas Tancredo (Colorado)



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