Who Is Ron Paul, Really?


I have been puzzled, for months now, at the apparent naivety of  of Ron Paul, regarding what is happening to our country, why and who is really behind it all.

In reading and hearing the statements this man makes about what is being done to the dollar, etc, one thing stands out glaringly, and that is that he never says who is really behind it and what their the motives are. In stead, like the media whores Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck, he lays the blame at the “Bush administration’s” feet and acts as if they’re just bumbling idiots making “mistakes” when, in fact, this is a highly organized conspiracy to destroy the United States of America as we know and create a world government.

Lou Dobbs has railed against the North American Union for a few years, now, but to what end? Like Paul, he never says anything about the real culprits and just shakes his head in lamely pretentious disbelief, muttering that the Bush administration is simply a bunch of bumbling idiots acting insanely. With this ploy, shared by Glenn Beck, who does the same thing, he appears to be on our side and attacking the threat to our nation – without revealing anything substantive that could really damage the evil men behind it all. This is what Dr. Paul has been doing, also. My question is, is this deliberate or not?

I’ve come to three possible answers:

1. Ron Paul is terribly naive of the real culprits and their motives (not very likely).

2. Ron Paul knows who is really responsible and why they are doing this, but he  is afraid to say so, for fear of being assassinated.

3. Ron Paul is a Neocon stooge in disguise whose real job is to gain our confidence, but then do nothing. He is, like Dobbs and Beck, just playing a role, telling us what we want to hear and acting as if he’s outraged about the demise of our country, but only to the extent that he doesn’t cripple the New World Order in the process.

Will the real Ron Paul please stand up and DO something?!

What’s in Your Supplements? More Than You Think.


This begins a series of articles exposing the harmful contents of the dietary supplements most Americans use daily and trust their health to.

I was not aware of many of the harmful chemicals and additives commonly found in dietary supplements until I did some investigation of the contents labels on the twenty or so supplements I was taking for years. What I found out was enough to make me quit using supplements completely.

The first notice I made of this was when I read the contents of the Natrol Cinnamon Extract I was taking to reduce my blood sugar. I found the label includes a list of fillers, including three or four hidden sugars. To a recovering diabetic using this product for blood sugar control, this is potentially devastating. Among the other ingredients, I also found several salts – not the stuff you want to be ingesting if you also have high blood pressure. The reason I consulted the label, in the first place, was to see if there was something in the product that might be keeping my blood sugar from lowering, as I expected it to do in response to the paleolithic diet I’ve been on since November 2007. Sure enough, those hidden sugars were enough to prevent any further progress. So, I threw out my remaining supply. After quitting the cinnamon extract, my blood sugar began to drop again.

For this first installment, I will cover some typical supplements you may be taking, all of which were among those I used until recently. Not surprisingly, these are all available at Walmart, one of the chief multinational corporations involved in the SPP and paving the way into our country for poisoned Chinese goods.

Spring Valley Vitamin A, 8,000 I.U.:

Other Ingredients: Soybean Oil [all soy-based products have been found to cause intestinal porosity, a condition in which toxins from partially digested food seep through the lining of the colon and into the bloodstream and the body’s cavities, in turn causing various autoimmune diseases], Gelatin (non-bovine), glycerin [a sugar], fish liver oil & water.

Manufactured by:
Pharmavite LLC

Mission Hills, California 91346-9606
Also on the label: “This product is formulated using the highest standards you’ve come to expect from all Wal-Mart products.” [Yep, that’s what worries me!]

Spring Valley Alpha Lipoic Acid, 200 mg:

Other Ingredients: Rice powder, gelatin , cellulose (plant origin), vegetable magnesium stearate [still a salt, regardless of origin].
Other content information:
“…no sodium (less than 5 mg per serving)” [If it contains any added salts, which is what magnesium stearate is, then there is sodium in it!]
Spring Valley Vitamin B6, 100 mg:
Other Ingredients: Dextrose [a highly glycemic sugar], hydroxypropyl methylcellulose [another sugar] and magnesium stearate [a salt]

Manufactured by: Schiff Nutrition Group, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Spring Valley Vitamin B-12, 1,000 mcg:
Vitamin B-12, 1mg (1,000 mcg), 16,667% of RDA
Vitamin B-12 in form of cyanocobalamin
Calcium (as dicalcium phosphate), 30mg, 3% of RDA
Other ingredients: Dextrose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and magnesium stearate

Manufactured by: Schiff Nutrition International, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 [could it be this corporation is run by the same Schiff family that bankrolled the creation of the Soviet Union?]

Spring Valley Flush Free Niacin (inositol hexanicotinate), 500mg:
Other ingredients: Gelatin [no source stated], vegetable stearic acid, silica [sand], vegetable magnesium stearate
“…no sodium (less than 5mg per serving)…” No? Then what do you call magnesium stearate, which is a salt?
Manufacturer: Nature’s Bounty, Inc., Bohemia, NY 11716-2510

Oh, I almost forgot. Natrol’s Cinnamon Extract also contains carnauba wax ! Yum!

More to come…


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