Globalism…….The multi-national economy killing, scam

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Globalization, although spoken about as an inevitabililty, is more a forced acceptance of multi-national corporate control of currencies, economies, and policies.  Acceptance of globalization and the assumption that it must happen if we are to survive is exactly the concept that will destroy us. 

The idea that closing manufacturing plants here and moving these operations to countries that have no wage or work standards would somehow be conducive to economic growth is most likely one of the greatest coups ever perpetrated on the American public.

And how many of you out there think that globalization and free and unbalanced trade without tarriff or taxes, without duties or levies, is benefiting anyone other than the globalist promoters?  

Too many times I receive emails from people who seem to believe that if you oppose unbalanced free trade….it must be because you are poor.  How arrogant!  It just might be that those who oppose unfair trade practices do so because they are proficient in math. 

Maybe they have figured out that with 3 million manufacturing jobs lost, our manufacturing base being almost non-existent now, our tax base dwindling, home foreclosures rising, homelessness rising, more people in poverty rising, food costs rising and average household incomes DROPPING……….the math of globalism just doesn’t work. That and we have little left to sell, to trade, or to negotiate with.

Our children are now asked in school if they think that global citizenship will be possible in their lifetime.  (The question is loaded. It plants that idea that global citzenship should be something to look forward to, rather than seeing it as a loss of national identity and sovereignty). 

The question that should be asked: 

Would you be willing to forfeit your freedom, civil rights and liberties and your sovereignty in favor of a global government under which you would have none of these things?  That’s the question that should be asked.

Globalism is nothing more than  a term used to describe the activites of multi-national corporations and the multi-national individuals who own them.  Trade is not conducted in order to secure the economy and viability of any country, but rather, to secure the wealth of individuals who believe that personal greed is far more important than national survival. 

This observation will most assuredly elicit more emails about how I just don’t want to see some other person become wealthy, and that I must be one of those people who missed the boat and am complaining. 

It is an amazing thing to me to correspond with people who seem not to know or to care that our country is being  taken apart and sold off to the highest bidder regardless of who they are.  The fact is, that nothing I own, no asset that I have of any kind is worth forfeiting this country.  More than wealth, I value America.  I have to wonder why others don’t?  When does greed become so overwhelming that it supercedes your loyalty and your allegiance to the US?

In my opinion, globalism is the new enemy.  It is a destroyer of jobs, of quality of life, of human rights and dignity.  It is the creed of greed taken to greater levels than we have ever witnessed before.

Marti Oakley

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