Reading from this site, you could come to the swift conclusion that biometrics was one of those “good things” that Martha Stewart refers to constantly. The rolling comments consist of positive reinforcement of the idea that biometrics is just a helpful tool and will be used for nothing else.

According to this promo, biometrics is useful in preventing “unauthorized” personnel from gaining access to, or entering installations, buildings or networks. Of course there is no definition of who will be “authorized” or by whom, or just exactly which buildings or networks could need this kind of special authorization.

There is even a promo that claims that biometrics will prevent the fraudulent distribution of aid, and will help reunite families more quickly, (now, right here is where the red flags should start flying) and another promo says that it will help stop terrorists and insurgents from gaining false documents to travel by sea. Say what?

How many of you out there think that there is a rats chance in hell that a terrorist or “insurgent” will line up for a REAL ID chip or who cannot alter their appearance like our guys in the CIA do?

Oh! And these can be used to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to services, fraudulently. Or! They could be used to prevent you from working, buying food, accessing water, traveling or a myriad of other things you do on a daily basis without interference today.

The site goes on to say that in “hostage rescues” biometrics could help make sure they have the right person. I’m wondering here; who exactly goes out on a hostage rescue mission without a clear picture of the person(s) they are trying to rescue? What does this mean? That without biometrics they can’t identify a hostage? Hint: Usually they have a gun to their head, are tied up and blindfolded, or sometimes just held against their will by the “hostage takers”.

Biometrics would also enable the government to track your exact location if they wanted to pick you up and incarcerate you in any one of the new FEMA camps located around the country. For those who insist this is just a “conspiracy theory” please write King George and ask him to recoup the millions already paid to KBR for these “installations”. These could be the same ones that require biometrics for you to enter!

On its face, this truly could have been one of those spectacularly wonderful tools that could have benefited all of us………but we know it isn’t. Like the GPS in your car and your cell phone, it is an identifier that is limitless in its scope. It identifies you, locates you and can now be used to deny you the most basic things so that you come to realize that you must be compliant.

So who are the real terrorists that our DOD is worried about? Looks to me like its US, and any other person from any other country in the world stupid enough to give any government or its agencies the right to tag us like cattle in order to maintain their idea of control.

What frightens me most here is that there are those out there who will fight to be first in line to be chipped, thinking that somehow this will keep them safe, and there are those who are just so fearful of the truth that they react with rage and anger. Maybe we should start asking ourselves who we need protection from? Who is it that many of us have become fearful of?

And just how safe will you feel when every move you make, every transaction you conduct, every bite of food in your mouth is monitored and tracked at will by the government? REAL ID, biometrics, iris scanning, GPS, facial imprinting…..all of it is for no other reason than to catalog and control the worlds populations. But first it has to be sold to you as some new gadget or gizmo, then as a tool of fear, and finally in the end a weapon of mass deception.

Marti Oakley