TS Radio: Dr Karen Huffer nationally recognized expert on Americans With Disabilities Act

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Whistleblowers! USDA Forestry: Region 5 a hotbed for sexual harassment & retaliation


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Voices Carry for Animals # 74 : TS RADIO: Guest- Floyd Hamilton- Fidos & Vets

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TS Radio: Deborah Goodman…New York Judge should not be on the bench


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TS Radio: Whistleblowers! Kenneth Kendrick & Peanut Corp America

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Voices Carry for Animals #73

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TS Radio: Brian Kinter and the little shop of horrors called Ohio Domestic Relations Court

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TS Radio: Author Nancy Madore..The Ethics of Judge Nadeau


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4:00 pm PST … 5:00 pm MST … 6:00 pm CST … 7:00 pm EST

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Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer


Guest:  Nancy Madore author,   The Ethics of Judge Nadeau  

The Ethics of Judge Nadeau is the TRUE story of a judge who presides over York County Probate Court in York, Maine. The premise of the book is that—in spite of the Maine Board of Overseers’ rulings to the contrary—the behavior of Judge Robert M.A. Nadeau is unethical. Referencing real exhibits, orders and depositions in actual court cases, The Ethics of Judge Nadeau provides a bird’s eye view into the logic and reasoning behind behavior so incredible it will take your breath away. This candid and (often) humorous account of Robert Nadeau’s antics (in and out of the courtroom) is as entertaining as it is shocking.

The Ethics of Judge Nadeau is based on the premise that there are some things a lawyer should never do—especially if he’s a judge—because they are either unethical, illegal, or just plain wrong.

Links to actual court documents, depostions, court orders, and BAR findings can be found here:


How can anyone read through these documents and not be enraged at the abuse of this particular judge and the cover-up by the BAR oversight boards which have condoned his outrageous behavior.  This is a cover-up!  And this so-called “judge” is still sitting on the bench!

TS Radio: WHISTLEBLOWERS! Michael Springmann talks about VISA’S FOR AL QAEDA

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Voices Carry for Animals #72


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Hosted By Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Dahlia Canes – Director and Founder for the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation


BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. It is a law or laws that ban or severely restrict the ownership of a particular breed. These laws declare an entire breed “dangerous or vicious” based on the actions of a few members of the breed. Breed specific laws are often a knee-jerk reaction from politicians who want to say they are “doing something” to stop dog bite incidents and fatalities. These changes in laws tend to happen after a highly publicized dog attack takes place. These highly publicized attacks bring about a “perceived” need for more stringent laws governing the restraint of dogs. We all want to prevent dog attacks; however, breed specific laws have proven to be ineffective in the reduction of dog bite incidents. Breed specific laws do not protect communities from fatal dog attacks and/or dog bite injuries.
“Breed Specific Legislation is an inhumane tool, used to deal with man’s destruction of their own fears. It targets innocent animals, that were not put on this earth to be judged by us.” – Dahlia Canes

MCABSL is a Miami based organization fighting for all the voiceless canines targeted by Breed Specific Legislation.

Our goal is to remove BSL from Miami Dade County and to continue fighting against similar legislation throughout our country. We believe in enforcing stronger laws that protect all dogs, no matter the breed. As we grow in members, we remain united and vow to win this battle and save the lives of those who love us unconditionally..

Take Action Against Breed Specific Legislation
Remember: If we do not stand UNITED, we will inevitably FALL.
Stand up AGAINST Breed Specific Legislation. End the HATE today.



TS Radio: A trip through Illinois Divorce Court with Mark Hexum

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Voices Carry for Animals # 71….With Special Guest, Jane Velez-Mitchell


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TS Radio: Blowing the whistle on US Forestry Service

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Whistle Blowers Summit

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TS Radio final show for 2015 w/ Athena Roe of HAR Justice

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MERRY4:00 pm PST … 5:00 pm MST … 6:00 pm CST … 7:00 pm EST

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Call in # 917-388-4520

Merry Christmas and hoping everyone has a much better year in 2016!

            This will be a one hour show. 

Join me and Athena Roe from HAR Justice this evening as we round out 2015 with our last live Sunday broadcast for this year.

National Association for Probate Reform and Advocacy (NAPRA) is coming right along.  Athena has been working hard to get it up and operational.  Under the umbrella of NAPRA we are forming a coalition to advance the mission of reform.  We wil be discussing our preliminary plans for the activity of NAPRA.

We will also be talking about what we hope to be doing in the new year.

Just a side note:  Debbie Dahmer is celebrating Christmas early this year and will not be present on this evenings show.  By the time we go air she will most likely be swinging from the rafters at a nearby party house.


To Contact us…….tsrad1@outlook.com

TS Radio with Tamir Sukkary: The injustice in family courts


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2court4:00 pm PST … 5:00 pm MST … 6:00 pm CST … 7:00 pm EST

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Hosted by Marti Oakley


Tamir Sukkary joins me this evening to discuss his experience in the family court system.  False allegations were only the beginning. We will be discussing the trial Tamir endured and what it cost him both emotionally and financially, and most importantly the impact it has had on his relationship with his two young daughters.


Tamir was faced with a controversial family court commissioner with a history of judicial misconduct.  His attempts to get justice and judicial accountability only highlighted the lack of transparency and accountability in this system and the secrecy under which this system operates.

Also, we will be discussing possible changes and reforms in family law and how access to justice adversely affects low and middle income Americans.

Mr. Tamir Sukkary, M.A.

Adjunct Professor of Political Science
American River College, Sacramento City College, San Joaquin Delta College, and Sierra College


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